Scope of Work Template

Use Collato's free template to write a comprehensive and effective scope of work for your next project.

What is a scope of work template?

A scope of work template allows you to keep track of your project, assignments, and deliverables with ease. Scope of work templates are most commonly created on simple documents, but Collato's template allows you to attach live-previews of other tools (such as Figma designs or Jira timelines), and makes connections between your SoW and the tasks/deliverables listed. That way, you can quickly find the information you're looking for and visualize dependencies.

Why use a scope of work template?

Save yourself time by using a ready-made template to keep track of your projects. Using a template for your scope of work helps you avoid scope creep and ensures that you document everything, including internal and external interactions. Using a scope of work template also helps you keep track of what's out of scope for the project. You can copy the template and create a new scope of work for a new project with those out-of-scope tasks, if necessary.

Why use Collato's scope of work template?

Collato's scope of work template is fully customizable and flexible to suit your needs. You can easily share the document with internal and external stakeholders with a simple URL (and they won't need to create an account to view it).

If you need to create new documents with extra requests or tasks, you can quickly connect Collato cards to highlight dependencies and find information quickly. You can even embed live previews of other tools, such as a Figma design, a Jira timeline, or a Google document. Keep stakeholders in the loop without having to search for missing pieces of information across different tools and platforms.

Create a schedule or a timeline from the tasks listed on your scope of work template on Collato, by utilizing the Kanban or timeline views. You can connect Collato cards together by embedding them so you can quickly reference different projects and information.

What's included in this scope of work template?

Collato's scope of work template includes everything you need to properly track your project.

Introduction - A proper scope of work will include basic information like the name of the project, stakeholders, contact information, and the standing offer. Collato's template also has a designated spot for you to upload your signed contract.

Overview and objectives - Here is where you'll include a high-level overview of what is to be completed for the project. You may also embed a statement of work if you have that as a separate document. Here is also where you'll include the objectives of the project, the resources required, and the stakeholders.

Project schedule - Keep track of all the moving parts by including a detailed schedule, including milestones, for each phase of the project. You can embed other Collato cards here with the task information so you can connect all the moving pieces.

Deliverables - You'll need to include your expected deliverables here, and once you have them, you can embed them directly into the card template. If you want to include documents, plans, designs, videos, or other Collato cards, simply embed them by copying and pasting the share link into the template. You can select "iFrame" to view a live preview of these documents.

Out of scope - Note down which tasks or features are not going to be tackled in this project. If necessary, copy the card template and create a new scope of work for a separate project with these tasks.

Free Scope of Work Template

Keep track of your project and avoid scope creep with Collato's free and fully customizable scope of work template.
Questions and answers about Collato’s templates
What is a Collato card template?
Think of it like a hyper-connected document. It’s a place where you can accumulate all your information, from text, images, and videos to files from embedded apps and outside documents. Collato is a connective thinking platform, which means you can connect all of your documents and initiatives to your team and company goals. Keep track of your visual thinking journey and instantly find the information you need at your fingertips.
Is the meeting minutes template free?
Absolutely! All of Collato’s templates are free, and we don’t require any credit card information to get started.
Can I reuse the same template for recurring events?
Yes, you can use this template as often as you’d like. Even better, the templates are extremely flexible and fully customizable. You can edit the content to customize the template to fit your particular project needs.
How can I share my template with teammates?
Collato makes it easy to send to teammates. Just click “share card” at the top of the document and stakeholders can view the document, add comments, and give precise feedback.
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