Aligned strategy, better outcomes.

Make goal-setting collaborative and connect your team's daily work with company priorities.

Highly aligned companies drive value:

more profit

Companies with a clearly defined strategy outperform competitors on average by 304% in profits.

Aligned organizations save 30% on their customer acquisition costs.

Employee engagement is 17x better when companies are highly aligned.

Make strategy visible

Make high-level strategy tangible for the entire company. Visualize objectives with hierarchy layouts to see how every team member’s progress contributes to overarching goals. Less ambiguity and more alignment.

Give work meaning

Unite your team around goals to give purpose to everyday work. Translate strategy into individual initiatives by creating workflows that showcase everyone’s impact. Put an end to tasks that deviate from company objectives.

Achieve goals together

Come together in a single space that strengthens collaboration at every level. Make achievements visible to improve employee engagement and celebrate progress as a team. Spark motivation through collective success.

Why choose Collato?

Made for your team

Collato adapts to the needs of your organization as well as individual teams. Manage your goals with different views and layouts to fit your existing workflow.

Easy to implement

Quick set-up, zero hurdles. Collato is simple and intuitive for the whole team. Get everyone on board without the hassle of learning a new tool.

Safe and secure

We take your privacy seriously. Collato is fully compliant with GDPR and German data protection standards.

Ready for outstanding outcomes?

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