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End the daily struggle of searching for scattered information. Connect your favorite tools to Collato’s AI-powered knowledge graph and find the answers you need, when you need them.
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Get an instant overview

Drop your Google doc, Figma design, or Jira ticket into a knowledge graph, where information is automatically organized by visualizing existing connections. You can close those twenty tabs now.

Create a single source of truth

Share your knowledge graph with stakeholders to use as a wiki, eliminating information gaps that stopped your team from collaborating productively. That endless Slack thread? Suddenly silent.

Stop searching. Start finding.

Ask any work-related question: Collato's AI-powered search provides clear answers while pointing you to the graphs' source. That alignment meeting could have been a Collato search.

Upgrade your product game with connective thinking

Organize your product docs

Collato lets your product and engineering team find answers to any product-related question, gathering product discovery, opportunities, or requirements in one single place.

Structure user research

Structure your product research so you can make the best product decisions. ​​Collato connects user insights, market trends, and ideas like a second brain.

Centralize project information

Collato’s graph search keeps stakeholders up to date, answering any project-related question with AI-powered answers while providing detailed context at a glance.

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