Rally everyone around the roadmap

Bring your product vision to life with roadmaps worth sharing. Use Collato's template to easily segment your roadmap into teams and drivers so everyone knows how to contribute.

Build impressive roadmaps in minutes

Communicate your team's plans with a roadmap that is beautiful, easy to adapt, and connected to the underlying milestones. Never manually update a spreadsheet, presentation, or whiteboard again.

Big picture and drivers, at a glance

Break down large projects into achievable milestones across teams and easily track progress in one place. Create segmented custom views so teams can stay focused on their outcomes.

Remove blockers with progress reviews

Collect progress updates through screen recordings, embedded files, or plain text. Enable everyone to watch and comment on updates to overcome silo thinking and remove blockers.

Product updates worth celebrating

End the loneliness of distributed teams with a dedicated place to watch your team's highlights and add reactions. Start celebrating successes together again.

What's Collato?

Collato takes the labor out of collaboration for modern teams. This roadmap template puts an end to email ping-pong, feedback on outdated versions, and file names that end with "final final." Try it for free now!

Collato makes collaboration as joyful as gelato

What this product roadmap template will give you and your team:


Instead of searching your drives, inboxes, or tools, find all your information in one place.


Streamline your workflow to align responsibilities across teams and ensure deadlines are met.


Have fun collaborating as a team by removing the need for unnecessary, time-consuming meetings.
What is a product roadmap?
A product roadmap is a visual, top-level overview that maps out the vision and direction of your product progress over time.
How to build a product roadmap?
Creating a product roadmap is a process that must be structured. First, you should start by researching the product and establishing objectives, priorities, and possible obstacles. Then you should start to break down objectives into tasks and present your project to your team and stakeholders. Finally, you can start working on your project, constantly monitoring the progress and updating it whenever necessary.
What are the benefits of using a product roadmap template?
Building roadmaps is a process that must be structured and easy for everyone to understand. A product roadmap template will help you get started by making it easier to divide your project into tasks, teams, and responsible parties so that everyone knows how to contribute and when to do so.
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