Free Meeting Minutes Template

Establish meeting agendas, take and share notes, and decide on action items with your team. Writing meeting notes doesn't have to be an exhausting task. Have shorter and more effective meetings with this free ready-to-use meeting minutes template.

Have more valuable meetings

Cut down on time spent in meetings by preparing a valuable meeting agenda and circulating it beforehand. Stay on topic, take notes, and create action steps to follow up on.

What are meeting minutes?

Meeting minutes can be defined as the records of what happened during a meeting. Taking meeting notes is a way to guarantee that discussion points are recorded for future reference so that nothing is lost in translation.

What is a meeting minutes template?

A meeting minutes template helps give your note-taking structure and purpose, so you can focus on what's being discussed instead of formatting a document. Meeting minute templates are most commonly created on simple documents, but Collato's meeting minutes template allows you to attach live-previews of other platforms (such as Figma designs), and makes connections between your minutes and the projects/documents being discussed. That way, you can quickly find the information you're looking for and visualize dependencies.

Why use a meeting minutes template?

Meeting notes help ensure the points of action are followed up on accordingly. A meeting minute template will set the agenda for your session and outline attendees, goals, and action points.

Why use Collato's meeting minutes template?

Collato's meeting minute template is pre-filled with agenda items. You will be able to easily add team members who attended or not, approvals to the agenda, items to be discussed, adjournment, action items, any decisions made, and when/how you are doing the follow-up. This template is here to make your meeting minutes out of this world.

What's included in this meeting minutes template?

Collato's meeting minutes template is comprehensive enough that you don't have to spend any extra time preparing for your meeting than necessary. Besides basic information like meeting date, time, and location, the template also includes the following sections, which can be fully customized by you (you can even add your own sections if you feel that something is missing).

Attendees - In order to have a comprehensive overview of a meeting, you'll need to include all the names of the attendees so that stakeholders know who to follow up with afterwards. If someone was absent, note that down as well so you know who to send the minutes to. If the meeting is large and includes multiple teams, it might be smart to only note down either team lead names or participating/speaking attendees.

Agenda - Ensure that your meeting stays on topic by creating a thorough agenda. Include all the main points to be discussed, plus leave room at the end for questions and time to establish the next steps. To save even more time, circulate the agenda at least one day ahead of time to give attendees plenty of time to prepare and review any open points.

Notes - Here's where you will take your notes for the meeting. Instead of trying to write down every single thing being said, only note down significant discussion points and decisions made. Make sure it's comprehensible but clear--it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to read meeting minutes. It certainly doesn't need to be a transcript. If you want to include documents, plans, designs, videos, or other Collato cards, simply embed them by copying and pasting the share link into the template. You can select "iFrame" to view a live preview of these documents.

Next action steps - A meeting should never be concluded without establishing what the next steps are. In your Collato meeting minutes template, you can connect these actions to tasks or initiatives from other attendees or teams. Stay on track and keep related notes and projects connected so you can reference them quickly.

Plan timeline - With Collato's meeting minutes template, you can embed your Jira timeline so you can stay on top of everything that needs to be done.

Free Meeting Minutes Template

Keep your meeting short and to-the-point with our free and fully customizable meeting minutes template.
Questions and answers about Collato
What is Collato?
Collato is a workplace search platform which allows you to find instant answers to project-related questions across all of your tools.
How do I use Collato to create a project wiki?
Start by dropping in your Scope of Work template onto your knowledge map. You can find your doc by clicking on your Google drive from the toolbar. Connect any related documents or files by linking them in your Scope of Work and then dropping the files onto your map. Or, use a Collato card as the "glue" to house all related files. This way you can also see live previews from your tools.
What is a "searchable card"?
A card is the "content container" where all information from your tools is connected to the knowledge map and which feeds the search engine. For example, if you add a Google doc Scope of Work which contains a link to a Figma file, a Jira ticket and a Miro board, automatically 4 cards will expand on the graph. If you sync your entire Confluence, the amount of cards corresponds to the amount of pages that exist in Confluence.
How can I share my project wiki with teammates?
Collato makes it easy to share your knowledge map with teammates. Invite members by going to "Settings & Team." Add by email and indicate if they should be an admin or a contributor.
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