Create Stellar Marketing Campaigns

Generate ideas, develop a plan, estimate the required resources, and determine campaign metrics. This marketing campaign template lets you plan and track your campaign progress, from start to finish.
What's in it for you?

Never miss a deadline

Map out all content types on a calendar with clearly assigned tasks and deadlines. Visually track campaign progress at each stage.

Plan, review, and store all content types

Brief your team via text or video, upload any file type, and give context with screen recordings. Plan your marketing campaigns in one place. Stop information from getting lost across email chains, attachments, or tools.

Involve stakeholders and your team the easy way

Assign tasks, ask for feedback and show only relevant information to decision-makers by sharing a simple link.

What's Collato?

Collato takes the labor out of collaboration for modern marketing teams. This software solution puts an end to email ping-pong, feedback on outdated versions, and file names that end with "final final." Try it for free now!

Collato makes collaboration as joyful as gelato

What this marketing campaign template will give you and your team:


Instead of searching your drives, inboxes, or tools, find all information in one place.


Streamline your workflow to align responsibilities across teams and ensure deadlines are met.


Have fun collaborating as a team by removing the need for unnecessary, time-consuming meetings.
What is a marketing campaign?
A marketing campaign is a set of strategic actions that will promote a business's brand, product, or service through different media types, such as tv, radio, print, social media channels, and other digital platforms.
What are the benefits of using a marketing campaign template?
A marketing campaign can improve brand awareness, drive lead acquisition, and increase lead conversion. By using a marketing campaign template, you will strengthen your team's productivity by bringing clarity to assignments and transparency to campaign progress at every stage. Collato's collaborative marketing campaign template can improve your marketing team's alignment by customizing workflows based on assignee, channels, content type, and more. Easily maneuver between calendar view, Kanban boards, and task lists.
Why use Collato's marketing campaign template?
Planning a marketing campaign is a multifaceted process, as it usually involves deadlines, visual assets, and feedback from various teams and stakeholders. To best manage all these moving parts, you’ll need to create a smart strategy. Luckily, that’s what this marketing campaign template is designed to do. Use the template's ready-made views and properties to lay out your campaign's goals, target audience, and channel types. Then start to generate ideas, develop content, determine required resources, and estimate campaign metrics. Finally, you can plan a posting schedule and monitor its success! Our marketing campaign template comes ready with calendar views, Kanban boards, text boxes, image galleries, slider bars, and multi-select options to make your marketing campaign strategy not only approachable, but memorable.
What does this marketing campaign template feature?
Collato's marketing campaign template gives you the ability to catalog content based on task, person, or channel--all in one space. Upload any content formats to include video ads, press releases, blogs, social media posts. Assign team members tasks to make sure the job is done right, and collaborate in real time with comments, subtasks, and more. Move completed tasks through a workflow to see how your campaign progresses, or visualize and manage campaign deadlines on a calendar view. No matter if you're a senior marketing manager or a newbie campaign manager, this marketing campaign template is made for you.
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