Goal planning

Set a specific goal and build objective strategies to achieve it. This goal planning template will help you to set up your workplan and monitor your progress.
What's in it for you?

Plan ahead and stay on track

Map out content on a calendar with clearly assigned tasks and deadlines. Visually track progress at each stage, ensuring tasks are completed well before "go-live."

Collect all content in one place

Manage all of your creative project information in one spot by uploading any file type, writing text, or providing context with a screen recording. Stop information from getting lost in attachments or across tools.

Stay in sync with precise feedback

Invite others with a simple link to add more information, provide on-point feedback, or give their final 'ok.' Centralize all input, so you never have to search emails for a comment again.

What's Collato?

Collato takes the labor out of collaboration for modern teams. This software solution puts an end to email ping-pong, feedback on outdated versions, and file names that end with "final final." Try it for free now!

Collato makes collaboration as joyful as gelato

What this project tracker template will give you and your team:


Instead of searching your drives, inboxes, or tools, find all information in one place.


Streamline your workflow to align responsibilities across teams and ensure deadlines are met.


Have fun collaborating as a team by removing the need for unnecessary, time-consuming meetings.
What is goal planning?
Goal planning is the process of taking a goal and breaking it down into tasks or efforts required to achieve it.
What are the benefits of using a goal planning template?
A template helps you think about your goals strategically and work out a concrete plan to reach them. It's a powerful resource for developing a plan and tracking your current progress.
Why use Collato's goal planning template?
With Collato's goal planning template, you can simplify the goal planning process, set goals with ease, and keep you focused on what to target so you always know your next steps. This template helps you build a strong follow-up routine for your goals and reach them faster.
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