Rally your team around goals

Align your company's strategic goals with daily work to make achieving progress easy, transparent, and enjoyable for everyone.

Set actionable goals

Add your goals and corresponding initiatives in just a minute. Organize team and individual goals so that the hierarchy is clear to everyone. Never get lost in an endless goal spreadsheet again.

Connect goals to daily work

Goals work best if they are part of your team’s routine. Keep your favorite tools, but start aligning your roadmap, initatives or check-ins with company goals. Reduce the share of pointless activity.

Track progress along the way

Gain clarity by monitoring the performance of the goal drivers over time, and watch aggregated results at any level. Stop chasing after people to update numbers in a slide deck.

Make updates enjoyable

Share progress in a tangible way with screen recordings, embedded files, or plain text. Enable colleagues to watch and comment on updates across teams to fight silo thinking.

What's Collato?

Collato wants to put an end to micromanagement, as employees today deserve an environment full of trust, autonomy and purpose. We believe in aligned goals as the answer to today's challenges of distributed teams, and want to empower everyone to contribute with passion and joy. Try Collato for free now!

Collato adds flavor to your team


Let the team figure out the "How"


Work on what really matters


Rally everyone behind joint goals
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