Create a Top-Level Brand Style Guide

Create a brand identity that separates you from the competition. Establish your brand with visuals, color palettes, fonts, and tone of voice to stay on-brand at every point of contact. It's the sweetest way to showcase your brand from ideation to execution.
What's in it for you?

Involve stakeholders the easy way

Share relevant information to decision-makers by sharing a simple "review link." Curate information and align the goals and strategy of your project without making them sign up for yet another tool.

Get feedback and stay in sync

Streamlining the feedback and approval process is an excellent way to support your team to move faster and better and let them know if they are on the correct path.

Collect all content in one place

Compile all relevant information by uploading any file, typing text, or providing context with a screen recording. Avoid losing important data in e-mail attachments or different tools.

What's Collato?

Collato takes the labor out of collaboration for modern creative teams. This software solution puts an end to email ping-pong, feedback on outdated versions, and file names that end with "final final." Try it for free now!

Collato makes collaboration as joyful as gelato

What this brand style guide template will give you and your team:


Instead of searching your drives, inboxes, or tools, find all information in one place.


Streamline your workflow to align responsibilities across teams and ensure deadlines are met.


Have fun collaborating as a team by removing the need for unnecessary, time-consuming meetings.
What is a brand style guide?
A brand style guide can also be called a brand book or brand guide. Essentially, the document sets distinct guidelines for maintaining brand identity across all aspects of your business. Designers and marketers can use it, and even sales teams to align all departments in communicating a constant message.
What is a style guide and what is it used for?
A style guide sets the tone and ensures the coherence of the brand, even though these texts have different authors and editors. Teams use it to keep the brand cohesive by providing clear guidelines to follow. It also saves time and streamlines communication between teams.
Why use this brand style guide template?
Collato's brand guideline template helps you lay out all the elements needed to create a powerful and memorable brand, such as core values and mission, colors and typography, and writing style, to name a few.
How do I make a brand style guide?
A thoughtfully crafted brand book will bring your business consistency and keep your entire team on the same page. Clarify important brand information, from company values to brand personality. Visually present logos, typography, color pallets, and imagery to showcase who you are. Articulate tone of voice with gilding principles, UI guidelines, grammar, and style examples.
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