Videos are one of the best mediums to tell a story. But sometimes managing everything that goes into the ideation, planning, and execution of a video can be a challenging task. This video production template is perfect for helping organize all these moving parts, from the pre-production phase to the final cut.

There are a few elements that go into a good video production template to make your videos even better. Create a collaborative space to build storyboards or brainstorm script ideas. Craft a schedule to keep track of important dates, locations, and shoot details. Or make lists to manage all your equipment and keep tabs on who's responsible for what. These elements will help you stay organized throughout the entire video production process.

Our video production template is built to do all that and so much more!

🍦 Filter through your work with tags, so you get the information you need in a heartbeat.

🍦 Get an overview of all production phases with a project timeline.

🍦 Upload all your media directly, from initial mood boards to the final cut.

🍦 Make comments on videos and visual assets to give direct and concise feedback.

🍦 Give video feedback by creating a video comment.

🍦 Organize and document input from various teams and contributors.

Whether you’re creating company videos, tutorials, testimonials, product commercials, explainers, or even vlogs, this video production template is made for you.