Ultimate security, on your terms

Build your own AI Assistant by hosting Collato on your own infrastructure. Keep your data where it is, securely hosted on your cloud.

Top-level security

Safeguard sensitive information by controlling where your data resides. Ideal for firms in heavily regulated industries or those with strict data protocols.

Total ownership

Manage network, storage, and compute resources. Control access, backups, and updates on your terms.

Custom integrations

Tailor your AI Assistant to fit perfectly within your IT landscape, taking advantage of unique company-specific integrations and data sources.

More reasons to self-host Collato

With Collato’s self-hosted enterprise solution, you can use the AI assistant on your own infrastructure, behind your own VPN, in your own VPC.

Quick deployment

Deploy Collato on your own infrastructure in less than 10 minutes. Quickly make the most of your team’s AI workflows and securely move your business forward.

No-code configuration

Get up and running in just a few minutes without touching a line of code. Collato’s chat interface is tailored for ease right out of the box, including mobile compatibility and a Slack integration.

Complete flexibility

Whether you’re on Azure, AWS, or GCP, self-hosting ensures your data never ventures outside your cloud.

AI Models: Choose your fighter

At the heart of Collato lies the power to choose. Based on open-source LLM or even your company's proprietary models, you're in the driver's seat.
Fine-Tuned Excellence

Harness Llama 2 or Falcon 180B models that have shown prowess against giants like Google’s PaLM2 and GPT-3.4.

Your Custom Model

Have your own model that you've been training? Bring it on board!

Industry Titans

Opt for renowned alternatives like Google’s PaLM2, OpenAI’s GPT-4, or Anthropic’s Claude for proven reliability.

Get started with self-hosting

Join the waitlist for an elevated and secure Collato experience. Our team will be in touch shortly to discuss the possibilities with you.