Deliver better creative work, together.

Collato is your single place for collaborating with clients on a creative project – involve stakeholders, stay aligned, receive feedback and deliver inspired work.

Better Briefings

Well begun is half-way done.

Understand your clients’ expectations from the get-go with structured briefings. We offer you the toolkit and templates to precisely grasp what your clients want – before you start working.

Secure Sharing

No accounts needed.

Give easy access to your work with individual URL-links. Benefit from multi-layer security features to protect your most sensitive information. Share your content seamlessly and securely with anyone, anywhere.

Structured Feedback

Involve your clients, productively.

Push your project forward with the input of your stakeholders. Add any creative work to Collato – from draft to final outcome. Invite clients to give feedback, comment, review or sign off directly on your work.

Documented Decisions

Home to all your project information.

Find what you would have lost in endless email threads. Browse your collaboration history to access previous feedback and keep important decisions handy. Your go-to place for working with clients.

Want to get a head start, too?

Take a sneak peek at our product and explore the library of best practice templates, purpose-built for creators.