Your map just got an upgrade

Importing large projects with multiple connections is now faster and more straightforward than ever before. Learn how the improved search engine and new features make it easy to find related tasks and documents, making product management a breeze.

In this Collato update, we're thrilled to announce that importing larger projects with many connections is now much easier. We understand the hassle, but we have worked tirelessly to simplify the process for you.

Once your tool is connected, you can view all the pages or documents in your space, including nested pages, and navigate to the one you want to import. Place it somewhere on your graph, and it will start processing. BTW: The processing time is now much faster, making everything inside the document searchable in no time.

So now, instead of having to navigate through the toolbar and manually selecting related tasks or documents from separate applications, you can now easily find them directly on the graph. This is made possible by passing the content of the document, which allows the system to identify suitable links and suggest them as potential matches.

You can open these suggestions, pick the ones you want to add to the graph, and voila! They will pop up on the graph with a connection line to the original document.

Improved search engine

The new update also includes an improved search engine that's faster and more precise, especially when it comes to titles. Titles are now given extra weight and are semantically processed, meaning that even if you don't use the exact same words, you can still find the matching documents, spreadsheets, or tasks in your workspace with greater accuracy.

Watch what Sebastian, co-founder and CTO at Collato, has to say about this new update.

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