We are SOC 2 certified

We're excited to share that Collato has successfully completed the SOC 2 audit, ensuring the highest level of security for your data. Our unwavering commitment to protecting your information goes beyond industry standards. With the SOC 2 certification, you can trust us to keep your data safe and secure.

At Collato, we value your security and privacy above all else. That's why we're thrilled to announce that our knowledge management system has successfully completed the rigorous SOC 2 audit, conducted by an independent third party. This achievement reinforces our unbreakable commitment to safeguarding your information and maintaining your trust.

The SOC 2 audit is a comprehensive examination that covers the SOC 2 Common Criteria developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), SOC 2 (System and Organization Controls). It is the standard for data security among digital companies in the U.S., evaluating the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of our system. We take confidentiality and privacy seriously, and our commitment to protecting your data extends to every aspect of our operations.


An independent auditor, Insight Assurance, conducted the detailed examination. Through this process, Collato demonstrated its adherence to data security, availability and confidentiality standards.

By subjecting ourselves to this thorough audit, we not only meet industry standards but strive to surpass them. Our dedication to upholding the highest levels of security and privacy is unwavering. We understand that trust and peace of mind are crucial when it comes to your valuable and private information.

The SOC 2 certification provides assurance to our stakeholders that we have implemented robust security measures and effectively safeguard confidential data. We believe in continuous improvement, and the insights and recommendations gained from this audit will further enhance our knowledge management system, ensuring the ongoing protection of your sensitive information.

At Collato, we are here to empower you with a safe and secure environment for your data. We appreciate your trust and look forward to continuing to provide you with exceptional service.

For more information about Collato and our commitment to security and privacy, please visit https://collato.com/data-security. For a full overview of our data privacy practices and our security documentation, please visit https://trust.collato.com/.

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