Announcing Collato Slack Assistant: Search, Find, and Summarize Your Product Knowledge

We're thrilled to introduce the Collato Slack Assistant, a powerful integration that allows users to seamlessly search, summarize complex information, and generate content within their Slack workspace, boosting productivity and streamlining collaboration.

We are thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking new feature that will revolutionize the way you access and manage product information: the Collato Slack Assistant! Say goodbye to tedious switches between tools and welcome a seamless integration of AI-powered search capabilities directly into your Slack workspace. With the Collato Slack Assistant, you now have a virtual genie at your fingertips, ready to grant all your product information-related wishes. 🧞

As a product manager, having instant access to the right data is crucial for your success. Collato’s Slack Assistant is designed to explore your team's knowledge map—a centralized hub for all your scattered bits of information—without ever leaving Slack. No more wasting time switching between Jira, Google Docs, and other tools. With Collato Slack Assistant, you can effortlessly search and find the precise information you need, right within your Slack workspace.

Check out the Collato Slack Assistant in action:

Summarize Complex Information

We understand that complex information can be overwhelming. That's why Collato's Slack app goes beyond simple search functionality. It distills lengthy documents and data into bite-sized, easily-digestible summaries. Stay informed and inspired with concise overviews that capture the key points. Say goodbye to drowning in a sea of information—Collato helps you navigate the waves effortlessly.

Generate New Content

As a product manager, you often wear many hats, including that of a content creator. Collato's Slack Assistant is here to assist you in generating tailored content based on your team's knowledge. Whether you need help crafting engaging tweets or creating informative blog posts, Collato has your back. Leverage advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) capabilities to communicate naturally with Collato, and let it deliver smooth and effective responses every time.

Upgrade Your Productivity with Collato Slack Assistant

By seamlessly integrating Collato's AI-powered search engine into Slack, we are streamlining your workflow and boosting your productivity. The Collato Slack Assistant brings the power of AI search directly to your fingertips, ensuring you have swift access to the precise information you seek. Say goodbye to endless searches and hello to effortless collaboration and knowledge retrieval.

How to Set Up and Use Your Collato Slack Assistant

To take advantage of the powerful Collato Slack Assistant, follow

these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Requirements: Before you begin, make sure you have the following:
    • Access to a Collato organization and at least one populated workspace with relevant content.
    • Access to a Slack organization and permissions to add a Slack app.
  2. Create a Workspace in Collato: It is highly recommended to create a workspace in Collato and populate it with relevant content before setting up the Slack Assistant. The workspace will serve as the knowledge source for the assistant.
  3. Authorize Collato Access: Go to your Collato Integration Settings and find the Slack option. Click on "Connect" to initiate the authorization process. A pop-up window will appear, asking for permission to access your Slack organization. Allow the authorization and remain on the same window.
  4. Select Collato Workspace: After authorizing Collato, you will be prompted to select the Collato workspace you want the Slack Assistant to pull information from. Choose the desired workspace and click "Confirm."
  5. Open Slack and Use /collato Slash Command: Now that you have set up the Collato Slack Assistant, you can open your Slack organization and start using it. Simply type the /collato slash command in any channel or direct message to initiate a query or request.

With the Collato Slack Assistant, you can perform the following actions:

  • Ask a Question: Use the /collato slash command followed by your question to receive relevant answers from the assistant. For example: /collato Where can users find more information about the roadmap?
  • Prompt a Summary or Tweet Generation: You can request the assistant to generate a summary or tweet about a specific topic. Use the /collato slash command followed by your request. For example: /collato Write a summary about suggested connections. or /collato Create a tweet about the next release.

Current Capabilities and Limitations

We want to provide a clear understanding of the capabilities and limitations of Collato Slack Assistant:

  • On Slack, you can initiate the assistant by using the /collato slash command.
  • In the next release, you will have the ability to configure the assistant to auto-reply to all messages in a channel, ensuring a seamless and proactive user experience.
  • All generated responses are based on the information available within your selected Collato workspace. The assistant does not scan public information outside of the workspace.
  • The assistant can create derivative content based on the existing information in your workspace. However, if there is no supporting evidence, the assistant will not be able to create new content purely from imagination.
  • Multiple Collato users within one organization can authorize the Collato Slack Assistant to different Slack organizations.
  • In one Collato organization, you can only select one workspace as the knowledge source for your Slack assistant. If you share the Collato organization with team members who want to add the assistant to multiple Slack organizations, note that all the different Slack organizations will have access to information from the same workspace.
  • Only one instance of the Collato Slack Assistant can be active in one Slack organization at a time.

Other new releases

We are constantly improving and expanding the capabilities of Collato Slack Assistant. In our latest release on June 8th, we have introduced several exciting features and integrations:

  1. Notion Integration: Collato now seamlessly integrates with Notion, allowing you to authorize, browse content, and search within Notion pages. While browsing and searchability are limited to text, this integration opens up new possibilities for accessing and retrieving information stored in Notion.
  2. PDF Import: You can now upload PDF files to Collato and benefit from text searchability and content preview. Quickly locate information within PDFs and gain valuable insights without the hassle of manual search.
  3. Confluence Auto-Import: Collato's integration with Confluence now includes an auto-import feature, so you can instantly populate your knowledge map with all of your pages on Confluence.
  4. Connections Inside Cards: In the card fullscreen view, Collato now displays the list of connections that a card has with other cards. This enhancement provides you with a comprehensive overview of the relationships and connections within your Collato knowledge map.
  5. Slack Assistant Setup Flow and Slash Command: Setting up your Collato Slack Assistant is now easier than ever. Simply navigate to Integration Settings, select the Slack option, and connect your Slack organization. Once connected, you can initiate queries and interact with the assistant using the /collato slash command.

Upgrade your productivity, streamline your workflow, and tap into the magic of effortless collaboration with Collato Slack Assistant. If you have any questions or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out. We are here to help and eager to answer any inquiries you may have.

We just made Slack even more powerful.

Now you don't need to leave Slack in order to find any of your team's product info. Our AI-powered assistant is already integrated into your Slack workflow. Can't be bothered to set it up yourself? We understand. Click below and we'll do it for you.