Navigate complexity with confidence.

With Collato, you can confidently navigate the complexity of product management by connecting all the loose ends in one central space.
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Connect your doc to roadmaps, user research, and the latest designs with embedded live previews of your team’s favorite tools. Accessible to everyone with one simple URL.
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Effortlessly sync progress from different tools, highlight dependencies, and keep stakeholders in the loop. Find all the information you need in one place.

Connect to the big picture

Visualize your thinking journey and easily reference related content. Create meaningful connections that automatically organize your docs.

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Stop information from getting lost across email chains, attachments, or tools. Metasearch across all your tools and documents to instantly reference the information you need.

Make decisions with clarity

Understand dependencies at a glance so you can prioritize initiatives easily. Manage stakeholders’ expectations to deliver great outcomes.

Access information instantly

Save up to 90 minutes a day by having every document you need at your fingertips, all connected to the bigger picture.

Keep your favorite tools

Stick to the tools your team knows and loves without the need for a big migration. Progress across tools is automatically updated and available to everyone.

Stay on top of everything.

Clear the path to confidently delivering excellent solutions. Check out one of our free product document templates and start now.