Free Product Hunt Launch Kit

Everything you need to become Product of the Day when you launch on Product Hunt.

Your launch kit includes:

  • Product Hunt Database for contacts
  • Pre- & post-launch timelines and checklists
  • Points & upvotes tracking
  • Product Hunt FAQs
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Social blurbs & outreach message templates
  • Free launch day wiki (see below)

How to create your wiki

Keep your launch on track with your Collato wiki. Team members can get answers to questions about your product or the launch, and also find copy ideas and blurbs for social media. Here's how to set it up (it's free, don't worry):

1. Click here to set up your Collato account

2. Connect your Google Drive and drop the files from your launch kit onto your map.

3. Invite your team to view your map so they can ask questions and quickly find the information they need.

Create a Launch Day Wiki

Share your knowledge map with your team so everyone has instant access to the information & answers they need.