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Yep, we’ve got answers

Can I use Collato for free?
Yes, absolutely. If you want to gain a first-hand experience with the Collato product, we offer a Basic version which is free forever. Later, you may or may not upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise plan, which would cost money.
What does "free forever" in the Basic plan mean?
It means that as long as your Collato organization is not needing more than two workspaces or more than 5 GB of storage, you can use the product free of charges, no matter how many people are added either as team members or guests.
What does "30 day free trial" in the Professional plan mean?
It means that once you sign-up for the Professional plan, you enter a subscription and get all the professional features, such as access to an unlimited number of workspaces, 500 GB of storage space and a detailed version history, with restore option, for free during 30 days. After that period, we ask you to provide your credit card details and whether you prefer a monthly or annual billing and would charge you accordingly. If you are not doing anything, you will automatically be downgraded to the Basic, free plan and loose the Professional benefits. You can restore your Professional plan at any later point in time.
How much does Collato cost?
If you pick the paid Professional plan, Collato costs as little as 10 € (12 € if you choose monthly billing) per month if you are the admin and didn't add more team members to your organization. For every team member who is added, and additional 10 € (12 € if you choose monthly billing) per month will be charged. So if you have 10 team members in your organization, Collato will cost you 100 € per month overall (120 € if you choose monthly billing).
When should I pick the Enterprise plan?
Once you cross the amount of 20 team members or your storage space starts filling up, you should talk to us, as it may make sense financially and from the product features to switch to the Enterprise plan. Enterprise plans are usually a fixed sum, which is billed and renewed on a yearly basis, and which is tailored to the needs of your organization. With the Enterprise plan, powerful features can be added to the product, such as single sign-on, unlimited storage space or bulk actions like a mass download.
What do you consider an "organization"?
An organization is what is automatically created if you are the first in your team registering to Collato. You can name it according to your personal name, the company you are working for or the team you are part of, depending on whom you plan to collaborate with. If you are invited to Collato by someone else as a team member, the organization exists and has a name already. The workspace(s) you see in the navigation of the left all belong to the organization you are in. You see the name of the organization on the upper left in the product. You can create multiple organizations and switch between them by clicking on the arrow next to the name of the organization you currently are in.
What is a "workspace"?
A workspace can be used for an individual project, a team, a client or anything else. All content and assets you add to cards in that workspace are only available in and limited to that workspace. So it's containing all information and restricting access only to people being invited to that workspace. The admin(s) of the overall organization can decide which team members have access to what workspace. Views created for and shared with guests can only show a set of cards, filtered within a workspace, not across different workspaces. All meta information, which we call properties, is configured on a card level (like status, owner, due date, etc.) and will apply to all other cards in that given workspace. Cards in another workspace are not affected by this and can have a set of completely different properties.
What is a "user"?
All people collaborating on Collato are called "users". However we differ between "admins", "team members" and "guests". An "admin" per default is the person who created the organization account at first. The admin can add more admins, which all have similar rights. Admins are basically the "organization owner" and have full rights: Create and delete workspaces, invite other team members, decide which team member will have access to which workspaces, etc. "Team members", which are invited by the admin(s) in the "settings & team" section, are, together with the admins, basically the "workspace owners": For one or multiple workspaces, they have access to all information, can fully configure the properties for the cards in that workspace, share filtered views with guests and add or delete cards. Team members are normally also part of the inner circle of a project but may be not part of the same team or organization. "Guests", are people who are invited to collaborate, by sharing a link. This link, opening a view with a set of filtered cards, can be accessed without creating a proper account. Inside this view, the guest has limited options: Guests can not change properties (i.e. meta information). They don't see what other views exist in a given workspace. They don't have access to past versions of a card. They can't delete a card. They can be invited with "view only" rights, "commenting" rights, or "editing" rights and accordingly have ways to contribute, without being overwhelmed with information which don't matter to them or which they are not supposed to see.
What is a seat, which I will be billed for?
A seat is either an "admin" (full rights) or a "team member" (limited rights) inside an organization. Guests, i.e. people being invited to collaborate with a link are not counting as seats. You can hence involve an unlimited amount of guests, without paying more.
What if more people are added to my plan during the month?
So whenever somebody is invited as an "admin" or "team member" to an organization, which is signed up for the professional plan and not in the trial phase anymore, an additional seat is charged for the entire month and will be billed with the next invoice. If you choose yearly payments, the new user will be billed for the current and remaining months of the year with an additional bill sent to you mid of next month. If an admin or team member is removed, the seat will be removed for start of the next month and not be charged in the next bill.
How many people can I add to my organization?
You can invite as many people as you want. Bear in mind, that for each admin or team member will cost a "seat" once you are or later switch to a Professional plan. Guests, which you invite via the share option, are always free.
How can I cancel my Professional plan?
You can cancel your professional plan at any time in the settings of your organization. Your subscription will still remain active until the last day of the period for which you made your monthly/yearly payment. You will afterwards downgrade to a free plan but can restore your paid plan at any later point in time.
Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept Credit card, Paypal and direct debit. For the Enterprise plan invoice is also an option. We work with payment provide Stripe, which is handling payments very professionally and safely.
When will I be charged?
We charge towards mid of the month.
Should I rather pay monthly or yearly?
Monthly payment have the benefit of flexibility. You don't have to pay a year upfront and can decide every month whether you want to cancel the subsription or not. Yearly payment is cheaper and potentially means less hassle.
Can you send me an invoice?
We automatically generate invoices which you can either access in the settings of your organization or which you can configure so they will be sent to an email address on regular basis.
Do you provide discounts? To students or NGOs?
Collato currently doesn't provide discounts. For early supporters, the free trial may be extended for up to a year.
Is my data safe?
We take data safety very serious. All your data is encrypted. All servers are in Germany and Collato adhering to GDPR standards.