Feb 21, 2023
S1E1 - What They Don’t Tell You About Collaboration...
Collaboration is a challenge…unless you’re Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart, apparently. People tell us that collaboration is the secret ingredient to innovation - but we can’t help to wonder, how do we actually do the thing? In this episode, Franzi and Lillie drop the best collaborative practices (like it’s hot) to figure out: How can we learn to work together as the best version of ourselves?
27 min
We often hear that collaboration is fundamental to high-functioning teams. But the funny thing is, no one really taught us how to collaborate. Did you take a collaboration course or workshop? Probably not. So if collaboration is a learned experience, how do we know we’re collaborating to our fullest potential? In this episode, we are diving deep into this concept to answer the question: How can we best enter collaborative spaces so we can create something new (and epic) together?
Mar 15, 2023
Cooler Convos - I Know I’m New, But my Boss is Being Unreasonable
When we’re total noobs in a job role, we tend to give our coworkers the benefit of the doubt. Besides, we’re new here. But what happens when you start to feel their toxic micromanagement tendencies past that “I’m new here” date? In this episode of Cooler Convos, Franzi and Lillie are unpacking a Reddit conundrum: Is my boss being unreasonable?  
Mar 8, 2023
S1E3 - Workplace Psychological Safety is Not a Joke, Jim!
The Office: a hilarious sitcom or a perfect example of a toxic workplace? We’d argue both. Dunder Mifflin Paper Co. is the epiphany of a fear-based working environment- from flat-out complacency to routine harassment. Unpack the art of workplace psychological safety with Franzi and Lillie, so you can foster innovation and a healthy work culture (and not be a Michael Scott). Be afraid of how much you’ll love this episode.
Mar 1, 2023
Cooler Convos - Big Ego Energy
Would Justin Bieber or Kanye West make the better boss? The answer is likely obvious (not everyone has such an epic hair evolution). But in all seriousness, Big Ego Energy can harm meaningful relationships, whether at the celebrity level or in the workplace. In this Cooler Convo, a bonus episode of For What It’s Work, find out how you can save yourself from ego before you become a tormenting Kanye-like co-worker.
Feb 22, 2023
S1E2 - Feedforward is a Strategy Worth Marrying
What happens when a performance review breaks your heart? Do you take revenge, stay awake contemplating every work decision you’ve ever made, or move onto bigger and better things? Feedforward is that thing. But who is this mysterious feedforward, and how can you use it to foster positive workplace relationships? Join Franzi and Lillie to find out.
Feb 21, 2023
Cooler Convos - Sunday Scaries
Mondays: Filled with commuting, meetings, deadlines, and a (potentially) toxic workplace. Ah, the horror! If you’ve ever been spooked by the Sunday scaries, you aren’t alone. Most people have that end-of-the-weekend slump too, but where the heck did it come from? Franzi and Lillie are investigating that very question in this Cooler Convo, a bonus episode of For What It’s Work.