A secure notetaker for better care.

Collato helps physicians transcribe, summarize, and analyze patient consultations. Let us do the paperwork, so you can get hours back into your busy day.
AI Medical Transcriber

Automate your clinical notes.

Securely transcribe in-person and virtual patient consultations, so you can ensure quality care and attention to your patient.

Multi-media Notes & Insights

Retain clinical truth of every appointment.

Collato's image-to-text technology lets you include previous diagnoses, handwritten notes, and other scanned documents in your notes—so you can have the full picture when it’s time to write everything up.

AI Document Assistant

Spend less time on paperwork.

Generate clinical notes and summaries from all patient interactions. No more after-work hours writing up documentation.

Secure and compliant.

Collato is fully GDPR compliant, and SOC 2 certified. All data is encrypted and never used to train AI models. We take all necessary measures to ensure that you and your patients’ data remains protected and private.

SOC 2 Certified

Collato uses an independent third party to conduct a SOC 2 audit on its knowledge management system. This audit covers the SOC 2 Common Criteria and the Confidentiality and Privacy trust services criteria.

GDPR Compliant

Collato has implemented all the required security measures to be GDPR compliant, and we regularly review our security control framework to ensure the proper handling of data according to the European Commission’s standards.

Securely Encrypted

Your data is protected by military-grade encryption, with all data sent to or from Collato secured using TLS and encrypted with AES-256.

Unlimited AI documents from your meetings, free.

Record up to 10 hours of meetings every month with Collato completely for free, with unlimited document creation. What's not to love?

Better care for you, and your patients.

Reduce paperwork-induced fatigue and burnout by using Collato to take your clinical notes and write up patient documentation.