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Collato’s OKR template is flexible enough to be tailored to your organization’s framework, simple enough for everyone to use, and powerful enough to bring your vision to life.

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Collato's top OKR features

Unlimited hierarchy levels

See which initiatives promote success and, as a result, focus on the right steps to make an impact.

Real-time progress tracker

Track the progress of initiatives and key results in real-time and understand which ones are making an impact.

Powerful filters

Show only relevant information by filtering and saving dedicated views for teams or individuals.
Finally, an OKR template that...

Makes goals collaborative

Goal management is a team effort. Collaborate at every phase, from planning to execution. Share updates and give feedback; leave comments to discuss progress and react to others’ updates.

Visualizes goal hierarchies

See exactly how individual initiatives pay into company goals with a simple hierarchy tree. Simplify the framework with a straightforward overview of progress, ownership and dependencies. The road to success has never been easier.

Frames goals your way

You decide how you want to track your company’s goals. Flexible workspaces support any type of process or framework, from roadmaps to OKR hierarchies.

Improves engagement

As the admin, you determine who can own goals, who contributes to goals, who updates progress, and who can simply comment and react. Set up levels of interaction to maintain accountability and simplify collaboration.

How do the platforms compare?

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Effortless set-up

Zero hurdles. We set up your workspace for you, so you can focus on achieving your goals.

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We'll personally onboard your team so they can get set-up as quickly as possible.

Safe and secure

We take your privacy seriously. Collato is fully compliant with GDPR and German data protection standards.

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