OKR software for better business outcomes

Simplify your OKR management process with an easy-to-use tool that organizes your objectives, key results, and initiatives.

What is OKR software?

OKR software provides a simple and effective way for organizations to track objectives and key results, promoting transparency and accountability at every level. The adoption of the OKR framework becomes more manageable with software tailored to the needs of your business.

Why use OKR software?

OKR software like Collato enables your team to sync organizational goals with individual goals, quantify performance, and stay agile. You must be able to track the progress of the goals and initiatives you care about in order to understand the drivers of change and make necessary adjustments to prevent stagnation.

Seeing in real-time which individual levers are making an impact will increase accountability across the organization. All of this without spending time manually tracking progress like you would with a spreadsheet. If you’re tracking OKRs for a large organization (50 people or more), it’s especially valuable to have your own OKR software with all the necessary functions. Still not sure if OKR software is right for your business? Here are some further benefits:

Benefits of OKR software

Better visibility

When everyone in an organization is aware of the strategic objectives and works together to achieve them, the company as a whole performs better. OKR software makes this possible by providing transparency to all employees across all levels.

Increased alignment

OKR software can help you align and link cross-departmental objectives up to company-level goals, making it possible for every contributor to view and understand them. Not only does this ensure that everyone is working towards a common goal, but it also highlights individual impact.

More productivity

Reduce the need for status-update email exchanges and unnecessary check-in meetings through asynchronous updates and tailored workflows. Collato’s OKR software makes it easy for everyone to track and report progress, regardless of location.

OKR software to execute your strategy

Focus your team on company goals to achieve better results.

Collato is designed to:

  • Make strategy collaborative
  • Take the labor out of collaboration
  • Eliminate the complexity of goal management
  • Increase cohesion between teams
  • Connect your team's daily work with company priorities
  • Create more alignment and less ambiguity
  • Put an end to tasks that deviate from company objectives
  • Make your team feel more engaged with their work and proud of their progress

Goal tracking

Collato’s OKR software supports you in uploading metrics and updating progress, making the entire process smoother and less manual. With up-to-date information shared with the entire team, success is more achievable than ever!

Hierarchy levels

Teams working together toward common objectives drives the company closer to achieving its overall goals. The best OKR tools allow sharing of objectives and key results across levels. This alignment of goals ensures that company priorities stay in focus.

Feedback & comments

Collato's feedback feature helps teams communicate better and stay on top of their progress. Feedback is key to maintaining optimal performance and teamwork while holding individuals accountable and shaping future performance.

Customizable workflows

OKR software should also be easily customizable to fit your organizational requirements. With Collato, you can easily change goals and initiatives, and even create workflows down to the smallest task level to ensure goals are met on time.

Flexible layouts

Some people like to see how their progress is going on a board filtered by status; others want to work with a timeline view to have better time management. Collato has six layout options to choose from to allow you to visualize team initiatives in a way that makes sense to everyone.

Collato's top OKR features

Unlimited hierarchy levels

See the correlation between team objectives and company goals. You can determine which initiatives promote success and, as a result, focus on the right steps to make an impact.

Real-time progress tracker

Track the progress of initiatives and key results in real-time and understand which ones are making an impact. This allows for more tangible progress and goal achievement.

Feedback your way

Have strategic discussions with your employees by giving them a voice. Ensure that everyone has access to quality information that is both informative and enjoyable by recording your screen, writing comments, and reacting to updates.

Aligned strategy, better outcomes with Collato

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What is OKR software?
OKR software is a tool that helps organizations and individuals create, understand, and track business objectives, align with them and establish the initiatives that will contribute to their achievement.
How does OKR software work?
OKR software like Collato works by allowing you to visualize the connection between team initiatives and company goals. Track progress in real-time to see which initiatives are advancing goals to 100%. Create workflows down to the smallest task level without the need for yet another project management tool.
What software does Google use for OKRs?
Google uses Google Docs and Google Sheets to track their OKRs.
What are some free OKR software options?
There are a number of free OKR software options available, the most commonly used being Excel or Google Sheets, Powerpoint or Google Slides, Confluence, Trello, and Microsoft Planner. However, these tools are usually limiting and do not provide the same functionality as other goal management software.