Marketing workflows to supercharge results

Make marketing simpler, faster, and more effective with Collato - create a workflow that encourages collaboration with your team.

Plan, organize, and execute

Organize your marketing campaigns and remove unnecessary chaos by bringing the entire planning process into one platform. Easily store and share all content types, share work with every team and set all tasks and share visually.

Collaborate productivity

No more searching and asking for latest documents or versions. Simply access all your marketing projects and relevant apps in one place to instantly collaborate with your team or with external contributors. Complete transparency

Structured feedback loops

Centralized feedback loops that drive results. Share all content types, add comments, request approval and get e-signatures - all in one place. Hit deadlines and front run and bottlenecks to hit campaign goals.

Campaigns managed

Visual task tracking to project planning and milestone setting. Keep everyone on track and ahead of expectations with Collato. Share your plan securely with stakeholders and spend your time on right the activities.

All content types supported

Your visual workflow tool that supports every content type needed for any campaign. From video, graphics, text and pdfs.

Perfect for all the team

A centralised platform to manage all the teams work from social media, brand, SEO, design, performance and print.

Ideal for external sharing

Collato makes sharing work with externals simple. Manage what they see, set them tasks and track what they do.

Want to get a head start, too?

Take a sneak peek at our product and explore the library of best practice templates, purpose-built for creators.