Collato x Slack

Collato's Slack Assistant is the ultimate sidekick for your team’s knowledge! Here is what Collato’s Slack Assistant can do:

Smart Search:

Collato’s Slack Assistant is seamlessly connected to your knowledge map, a comprehensive collection of data and files that have been scattered across your various tools such as Jira and Google Docs.

With the Slack integration, this intelligent search capability becomes readily accessible within your Slack workspace, bringing instant information retrieval right to your fingertips.

Leveraging advanced AI-powered search, Collato swiftly locates the exact information you need, saving you valuable time and ensuring uninterrupted workflow.

Summarize information

Collato distills complex information into bite-sized, easily digestible summaries. Stay informed and inspired with concise, yet comprehensive overviews that capture key points.

Generate content

Writer’s block? From crafting engaging tweets to creating informative blog posts, Collato Slack Bot generates tailored content based on your team’s knowledge.

Find sources

Collato Slack Bot is not just a search companion; it’s an intuitive guide. Need relevant information, documentation, or resources? Simply ask Collato, and it will provide you with personalized recommendations based on the information in your knowledge map

How to set up and use your Collato Slack Assistant.

What's required:

  • Access to a Collato organization and one workspace with populated information.
  • Access to a Slack organization and permissions to add a Slack app there.
  • At least one Collato user must be connected to the Slack organization for the Assistant to generate answers. If the Collato Slack App is not connected to anyone (e.g. all users disconnect Slack authorization on Collato, but the Collato Slack App remains in the Slack organization), then it will not return any answers.

What to do first:

  • Create a workspace in Collato. You will not be able to use the Slack Assistant without a Collato workspace.
  • Connect your work tools - Notion, Google Drive, Confluence, Jira, and more, and populate the workspace with your work information content with high relevance.
  • Watch the following video to integrate your Slack workspace:

Involve your team.

Share this link with your team to get them familiar with Slack.

We just made Slack even more powerful.

Now you don't need to leave Slack in order to find any of your team's product info. Our AI-powered assistant is already integrated into your Slack workflow.
Now head over to Slack.
How do I use the Slack Assistant?
Type “/collato” followed by your question about your internal information in any Slack private message, group message, or channel and hit Enter. The Slack Assistant will then generate an answer based on your internal information connected to your Collato workspace. Click Send to share your responses with recipients
What’s the best way to try the Slack Assistant for myself?
Use the "/collato" command in a Slack direct message to yourself. It's that simple.
How do I get the best answers from the Slack Assistant?
Make sure the questions you ask can be answered by the information synced on Collato. That’s why the more content you sync from your tools, the more questions you’ll be able to get quality answers to. Be precise when asking. Use the Slack Assistant like you would use ChatGPT (full sentences) rather than Google (keywords).
What kind of questions can I ask the Collato Slack Assistant?
You can ask Collato for factual insights ("What is our remote work policy?"), summaries of detailed documents ("What's the value proposition of our product?"), and to generate short-form creative content ("Write a tweet about our company offsite").
Which Collato workspace can I connect to the Slack assistant?
You can connect one Collato workspace to your Slack workspace, i.e. information from that Collato workspace only can be searched from your Slack workspace.
How do I involve my team?
Create a Slack channel, e.g. #team-wiki and invite your team to it. Post this message in the channel to explain what the Slack assistant can do: “Hey team, I’ve set up a Slack assistant that lets us search through all our product information. It pulls the information directly from our tools - Confluence, Notion, Jira,… It’s like ChatGPT for our internal information. Check it out by typing /collato followed by a question and press enter. I’ll start, watch this:” Type /collato followed by an example question about your internal information, receive an answer and hit “Send” to show your colleague/s how it works in action.
How do I make sure that information is accurate?
Whenever you receive a response from the Slack Assistant, you will also receive a link to the sources, i.e. where the information given is pulled from. Click on the sources to be directly led to where your information is stored in your respective tools. The additional button Explore more results on Collato is also part of the Slack response and will take you to the Collato workspace that is connected to your Slack.
How can I fill information gaps?
As a Collato user, you can easily add more information to your workspace that can then be found using the Slack Assistant. Simply connect all your relevant tools or add individual files from your various drives. To keep information up-to-date, make sure to select "Auto-Sync All" as a default.
How can I invite team members to Collato?
As the Collato admin, simply navigate to the Settings & Team page within Collato, choose the access rights you want to grant and invite your team members via e-mail or generate a link to share.
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