Stop searching, start finding.

Let’s chat to build a knowledge hub that ensures discoverable information.

What’s in it for you?

During our chat, we’ll…

  • Explore strategies to centralize scattered information in one convenient place.
  • Create a personalized workplace that seamlessly integrates with your team’s existing tools, tailored to your precise needs.
  • Demonstrate how AI-powered search empowers your team to find work-related answers independently.

Plus, you'll gain exclusive access to our new Slack integration, enabling your team to get instant answers without learning a new tool.

Still on the fence?

We respect your time.

We know that you have a busy schedule, so we’ll set you up in 3 easy steps.

Data privacy is our #1 priority.

We won’t (and will never) have access to your info. Collato is GDPR & SOC II compliant, and your data is protected with military-grade encryption.

This isn’t a sales call.

We want to connect with you to co-create the perfect tool for PMs. Your input matters to us. And as an early beta user, Collato is free up to 100 artifacts.

Looking for support?

If you have questions about Collato, we're happy to help.

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