Connected goals, better outcomes.

Get results by focusing on what matters most. Connect the what and why of your team’s daily work.

Align your team

Instantly connect daily work with company priorities to see how every team member’s progress contributes to overarching goals.

Increase focus

Use filters to cut the noise and increase focus. Filters power your custom views, so you can quickly find the information you're looking for.

See progress in real time

Progress charts show you in real-time which goals are moving the needle. Just choose your goal type, set your target, and track your success.
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Make goals visible

Make high-level strategy tangible for the entire company. Visualize objectives and key results with hierarchy layouts to see how every team member’s progress contributes to overarching goals. Less ambiguity and more alignment.

Focus on what matters

Create accountability and transparency with real-time progress tracking to see what drives the needle. Keep company priorities top-of-mind for the whole team, so everyone can make an impact.

Give work meaning

Empower your team to make an impact by connecting daily work to high-level goals. Come together in a single space that strengthens collaboration at every level.

Collato's top OKR features

Unlimited hierarchy levels

See which initiatives promote success and, as a result, focus on the right steps to make an impact.

Real-time progress tracker

Track the progress of initiatives and key results in real-time and understand which ones are making an impact.

Powerful filters

Show only relevant information by filtering and saving dedicated views for teams or individuals.

How do the platforms compare?

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We work hard to make your work easier.

Discover why Collato is the best-in-class OKR tool.

Effortless set-up

Zero hurdles. We set up your workspace for you, so you can focus on achieving your goals.

Personal onboarding

We'll personally onboard your team so they can get set-up as quickly as possible.

Safe and secure

We take your privacy seriously. Collato is fully compliant with GDPR and German data protection standards.

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