Collato's Content Productivity Cookbook

Collato presents: The Content Manager’s Productivity Cookbook, which includes 7 exclusive recipes for successful content planning.

What's inside?

  • A step-by-step guide to finding your target audience
  • How to use the buyer’s journey to drive traffic and leads
  • A guide to planning a productive brainstorming session
  • How to align your team and bring your content plan to life

There's more!

  • What you need for an ideal content briefing
  • How to review content drafts
  • Setting goals and measuring success

What's in it for me?

These days, it’s no secret that content marketing is the key ingredient to generating high-quality leads. But in an oversaturated digital world, creating content that drives measurable success is no easy feat. In order to engage your target audience, you’re going to need frictionless collaboration and a detailed content plan to get your content strategy rolling. At Collato, collaboration takes the cake, so we’ve put together our tested, proven best practices for content marketing productivity success.

To help you bring your content plan to fruition, we’ve compiled our productivity tips in an easy-to-reference guide–in the form of a cookbook–for successful content collaboration. In Collato’s exclusive Content Manager’s Productivity Cookbook, we are dishing out seven tried, trusted, and tasty recipes that you can use with your team when cooking up your content strategy. Each recipe comes with a list of the core ingredients along with step-by-step instructions to supercharge your content plan to Michelin Star levels of success!

Let's get cooking.

Your 7 exclusive content planning recipes are waiting.
Frequently Asked Questions
What’s included in The Content Manager’s Productivity Cookbook?
Seven exclusive recipes that will improve your team’s productivity and give you the tools you need to create a successful content plan.
Why do I need to fill out the information requested?
So we can deliver a fresh copy of the Collato Cookbook safely to your inbox, for easy access, at your convenience.
Is this really free?
Absolutely! Collato’s all about collaboration, and that includes sharing knowledge that could help other teams find success in their workflow. Keep us in mind if you’re looking for a collaborative platform where you can create, review, and store your content!