A Slice of Collato's Workation to Croatia: A Poem

Hear ye hear ye! Collato has created something special for you. A poem about our workation to Croatia, it's our blog part two.

It’s July it is, with something so grand,

On the docket to do, we’ve got a ‘workation’ planned.

Inland Croatia, in a town called Barat,

The Collato team oohed and aahed at the place they’d work at.


There were two houses for the team, one for work and the other for play,

And behind them both, a pool did lay.

We were giddy with joy, we leaped and we jumped,

There’s nothing like swimming to get us out of a slump.


We spent the days exploring the surrounding sights,

Towns, beaches, and churches were the highlights.

Nights were filled with wholesome conversation and Aperol Spritz

Exploding Kittens (the game 😄), Taboo, and Uno Blitz.


We even went to a farm for some local Croatian eats,

Just wait right there, we’ll give you all the deets!

There was salad, potatoes, veggies galore,

Roasted lamb so juicy, Jason converted back to a carnivore.


Of dropping moons, dolphin takeovers, and pears in a jar.

Too much rakija and gemischt wine had Robert laughing away,

And left Rafa sleeping the whole next day.


But let’s get real,

Here’s the truth and the lowdown, the diggity deal.

There was work to be done, a workcation isn’t just play,

But here’s what we learned along the way:


Our engineering team works great under pressure

Squashing bugs, writing code, Collato’s never been fresher.

Their problem solving abilities are also pretty grand,

If you’re ever stuck on anything, they’re happy to lend a hand.


Our design team is in charge of putting everything together,

They give a face to the engineering, it's really quite cleaver.

They have stunning designs, we don't mean to flaunt,

You'll see them everywhere, from the website layouts to the font.


Team growth worked hard on conception,

Brainstorming ways to boost traffic and views, let it not be a deception!

We also wrote for the blog, it’s on our website

It’s linked here ‘cause our content is air-tight.


But we can’t forget about Ivo and Dj Seba, they had much to do

Something special’s in the works, something brand new.

But that’s a secret that’s yet to be revealed,

Wait ‘till our next big launch, keep your eyes peeled.


If you’re thinking of taking a workation, we have just two tricks

The first is essential, create a point system… It's a motivation kick.

Every completed task has a weighted score,

And at the end of the week, the team is rewarded with something more.


We reached 60 points, so we got to do this

A trip to see dolphins, it was pure bliss!

We hopped into the boat, with two local dudes,

There’s nothing like an adventure to put us in the best dang mood.


We stopped along the way to admire the view,

And the bravest among us jumped into the waters blue.

Sara showed off her talent, dolphin she does speak,

It worked! We saw them! We totally freaked!


Having super speedy WIFI is trick number two

Solid connection is essential for productivity, who the heck knew?

Some of us managed without it but cussed a lot

Others opted for their hot spot.


Our trip to Croatia was one for the books

We have a talented team with crazy good looks.

There’s a plan in action to workation again next year

Hit targets by the pool with an ice cold beer.