What Product Managers Can Learn from Customer Success: Insights from Irina

Let's uncover with Irina Haupt, Customer Success Manager at Collato, valuable lessons Product Managers can learn from their customer success counterparts.

While the spotlight often shines on Product Managers (PMs) for crafting exceptional products, there's a silent hero working backstage – the Customer Success Manager. Let's unearth the golden nuggets that Product Managers can learn from their counterparts in the customer success arena with Irina, our experienced Customer Success Manager at Collato.

Understanding the Role of a Customer Success Manager

A Customer Success Manager, as Irina explains, is the beacon guiding users through their journey with a product, from the initial onboarding to ongoing support. Their role extends far beyond resolving issues – it encompasses nurturing relationships, understanding user pain points, and implementing feedback to ensure the product aligns with the customer's needs. As Irina puts it, “As the Customer Success Manager, I’m here to ensure our users’ success with our product every step of the way. Empowering them to accomplish their goals with our tool and integrating their feedback, that’s crucial when creating a customer-centric solution.”

1. Empathy as the North Star 🌟

At the heart of a customer success manager's role lies a deep well of empathy. These champions of customer success put themselves in the user's shoes, enabling them to truly understand pain points and concerns.

Lesson: Empathy isn't just a buzzword; it's the foundation for crafting user-centric solutions. By embracing empathy, PMs can design products that not only meet technical requirements but also resonate on a human level.

In Irina’s words: "As a CSM, I walk in our customers’ shoes daily. I also collaborate closely with our very own Product Manager, and witness firsthand how she translates my collected user feedback into solutions that resonate with our users.”

2. Crystal Clear Communication 🔮

Time is a precious currency, especially in the world of product management. CSMs excel at clear, concise communication, ensuring customers get the information they need pronto.

Lesson: Crafting crisp messaging, whether for feature announcements or technical updates, ensures your users and stakeholders – from developers to marketers – are on the same page. Remember, simplicity is key; complex jargon only leads to confusion.

In Irina’s words: “I value our users’ time. I get straight to the point, focusing on what matters most to them. For example, I know that data privacy is a top concern for our users, so I address it upfront, ensuring they receive the crucial information they need right away.”

3. Listening to the Feedback 🔄

CSMs know how to address customer concerns and adapt solutions to match specific requirements. They carefully gather information about customer pain points and objectives, then develop customized strategies to resolve issues and help customers achieve their goals.

Lesson: The importance of actively listening to customer feedback, addressing their concerns, and using their input to drive innovation. This approach can lead to improved offerings, increased customer satisfaction, and long-term success for the business.

In Irina’s words: "I've learned that the key to success is not just solving problems, but truly understanding our customers' unique pains and needs. Listening and digging deep to gain a clear understanding of their situation, then turning it into a better reality, it's like we're co-creating the future together”.

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4. Building Relationships That Last 🤗

Customer success managers specialize in fostering enduring relationships with customers, based on trust, collaboration, and consistent communication.

Lesson: Establish and nurture strong and ongoing connections with your team, stakeholders, and users. By fostering an atmosphere of trust, collaboration, and open communication, you lay the foundation for a smoother and more effective product development journey.

In Irina’s words: “My role is all about forging lasting connections with our users. It’s not just about delivering results; it’s about unwavering commitment to their success. And, I’ve found that even a well-timed funny meme can strengthen bonds.”

Stepping into the shoes of a customer success manager like Irina provides a fresh vantage point for product managers seeking to enhance their product-building prowess. Through her unique lens, Irina offers a wealth of guidance that can help craft not just better products, but also forge stronger connections with users.

Irinas's customer success perspective serves as a reminder of a shared purpose: putting customers first. The mutual dedication to creating a product that seamlessly aligns with user needs is at the heart of both roles. As she aptly points out, understanding the pulse of your customers is vital – a lesson every product manager can take to heart.

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