The Future of Collaboration is in Video

A new type of workflow

Why video collaboration is the new norm

As the world changes, more and more companies are emphasizing flexibility, cooperation, and mobility into the workplace. This sudden deviation from traditional workplace tendencies has led many people to work from home, whether that be across the city or thousands of miles away. And since this change could be here to stay, the need for a modern form of communication becomes absolutely crucial. And that's when videos come into play.

Here at Collato, we believe that video communication will not just continue to play a vital role in person to person conversations and meetings, but also in the productive collaboration workflow. That's why we’ve recently launched some exciting video features with more on the way!

Let’s jump into it!

Video collaboration and remote working

Since many of us are now working remotely, and it seems as though this change is here to stay, finding the right communication platforms is vital to a productive team. Many companies opt for Zoom, Skype, and WebEx to create virtual meetings, organize remote team activities, and stay connected with clients and outside organizations. However, while these video conferencing services are useful for home office, they are missing a key feature that supports remote working, asynchronous collaboration.

Life happens, that’s a fact. Maybe you’re working from a different time zone, or have a conflicting commitment. Or perhaps you get sick or have to pick up your kids from school. Whatever the reason may be, sometimes we just can’t be at every meeting. And that’s the beauty of asynchronous collaboration, you have the opportunity to participate and contribute to the conversation, but on your time.

Collato is proud to be driving this change, to make asynchronous collaboration productive.

Video collaboration features you didn't know you needed

Modern problems call for modern solutions: Let’s walk through our armory of collaborative video features that are bound to supercharge your workflow.

1. Video commenting on any document type


Some things are easier said than written! With Collato’s video commenting feature, you can say everything you want with just a click of a button, by recording your message. Video commenting gives collaborators the opportunity to add their comments on the fly and communicate through words rather than long written texts.

But most importantly, video commenting feels more personal, especially if you’re working remotely. Your teammates and clients can connect to you on an emotional level by putting a face to the feedback, which builds trust and credibility.


A collaborator is able to add their feedback via a video comment on any document, which includes; video, pdf, presentation, pages, png/jpeg image and file upload and just say exactly what you mean. This can provide a lot of clarity for your team and clients.

2. Video content collaboration

The smartest way to collaborative video editing has arrived.

On top of video commenting , you can even record a video comment on a video itself! When you upload a video to Collato, maybe for a marketing campaign or a creative project, your team and client can respond to any part of the video by adding markers, to write a text comment, select an emoji, and of course record a remark back.


Sharing your video content with team members, clients and agencies is completely barrier free, just upload your video, hit ‘request input’, choose the permission type and click send. The collaborator has the ability to make the edits without needing to login, and you can track all the activity.

3. Precise commenting and feedback

Upload any video file type and request feedback via precise commenting. External collaborators or teammates can review your video and pinpoint exactly which element they want to give feedback on. Plus, assign tasks on the comment to ensure issues get fixed.


Share your work with video

We’ve got an exciting and game-changing features - video production workflows are here!

With Collato’s new video workflow template, working remotely in different time zones or on incompatible schedules will never stop you from collaborating.

Video Production Workflow Template

Stay organized throughout the video production process with Collato's free collaborative template.

The Benefits of Video Collaboration

If we haven’t yet convinced you that videos are becoming an integral part of the collaboration process, we’ve compiled a list of three more ways that videos can improve your workflow.

1. Creates memorable moments

Video continues to be one of the most effective ways to communicate information. In fact, studies show that viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading a text. And that’s because messages in motion are more engaging and memorable as a story-telling medium. Even further, this same report found that before reading any text, 60% of people would rather watch a video first, if available.

Additionally, in a video comment you can convey more information in a shorter period of time. According to Motion Source, a single minute of video is worth about 1.8 million words. That means you can more clearly convey your message, feedback, and opinions to your audience.

2. Connects teams

Teams are increasingly geographically separated. Videos bring teams together, no matter where they are. Take Collato for example, we have teammates located in many different countries, like Germany, Switzerland, Sweden, and even Turkey!

You can also use Collato’s video features to better connect with your clients. For example, if you are just welcoming your client onboard, you can better introduce yourself and your team with a video message. And of course your client can record a video comment back to you!

3. Provides more precise feedback

Videos are great for those who oversee a large team and need a lot of feedback. Although some people prefer spontaneously contributing to their thoughts to the group, others might need more time to think about the given information. Videos are a perfect way for all people to give feedback at their own pace. That way, you have more people sharing their ideas without the time pressure.

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It’s no surprise that video communication is becoming increasingly popular in the modern workplace. This change comes with many benefits, like the opportunity to work remotely, connect with your team and clients, and get better feedback (just to name a few!).

Collato is enthusiastic to help recreate the modern workflow with our new asynchronous video features. Try us out by clicking below!

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