Future of Work Podcasts that Will Make You a Better Leader

Collato’s top 25 future of work podcast episodes will change how you lead your team.

The future of work but today

You’ve probably heard the buzzword “future of work” humming around the office. It’s the idea that there’s a change in progress that influences three overarching characteristics of the workplace; how work is done, the structure of the workforce, and the workplace environment.

But there’s a slight problem with the current future of work discussion - other than you can’t actually predict the future. 🔮 What makes this concept complex is that the ideas around the future of work and New Work are so expansive that it’s tricky to understand the different elements and perspectives.

To help organize all this information and inspire New Work methods in your organization, Collato is happy to present 25 future of work podcast episodes that’ll change the way you lead your team for the better.

Future of work podcasts to add to your queue

These podcast episodes are equipped to answer your most pressing questions about the future of work. You can find all these podcasts free on Spotify.

For What It’s Work

Hosts: Franzi Kroll and Lillie Vogt

Why you should listen: Number one on the list is For What It’s Work, Collato’s podcast. In each episode, we discuss a different modern-day work struggle, and with the help of guests, pop culture, and tons of good ol’ fashion research, we’ll try and answer the big question: How can we make the future of work more human-centric?

Episode to Get Hooked On: What They Don't Tell You About Collaboration...

Leading The Future of Work

Hosts:  Jacob Morgen

Why you should listen: In this podcast, Morgen interviews business leaders, authors, psychologists, and thinkers on various future of work topics. His podcasts are generally divided into two category types; interviews with influential people and strategy hacks. Leading The Future of Work provides many tools to thrive both personally and professionally.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Create Better Employee Experience by Providing Purpose & Meaning to your Teams

Freakonomics radio

Host: Stephen J. Dubner

Why you should listen: Co-author of the Freakonomics books, Dubner tries to find the “hidden side of everything.” While not a specifically future of work podcast, this episode still offers valuable insight into management from an economic perspective. It’s everything you thought you knew about bosses (but didn’t).

Episode to Get Hooked On: Why Are There So Many Bad Bosses?

The New Way We Work

Hosts:  Kate Davis

Why you should listen: In this podcast, Davis investigates the changing landscape of work and outlines what needs to be done to embrace this change. The topics covered include the modern office, making friends at work, freelance work, and so much more!

Episode to Get Hooked On: How Do You Collaborate When Your Company is Remote or Hybrid?

Think Fast, Talk Smart

Hosts: Matt Abrahams

Why you should listen: Think Fast, Talk Smart covers all things communication. Abrahams is a strategic communication lecturer at Stanford Graduate School of Business and is undoubtedly knowledgeable on the topic. Since communication is vital to every leader and team, this podcast is perfect for learning the craft of skillfully speaking in a New Work environment.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Perfecting Teamwork: Building High Performing Teams by Encouraging Learning

No Stupid Questions

Hosts: Stephen Dubner and Angela Duckworth

Why you should listen: Another great podcast hosted by Dubner (From Freakonomics) and psychologist Angela Duckworth. Together, they ask all the questions you’re too afraid to ask yourself. The topics range from “Why Can’t Baby Boomers and Millennials Just Get Along?” to “Is Self-Improvement Too Selfish?” and offer an exciting perspective on popular topics both in life and the workplace.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Is it Okay to Engage in “Social Loafing”?

McKinsey Talks Talent

Hosts:  Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger

Why you should listen: McKinsey is a powerful force in the realm of Future of Work, and their podcast Mckinsey Talks Talent is no exception. Hancock and Schaniger converse on making the most of talent, navigating today’s talent landscape, and preparing for the future of work. They have a strong business and government perspective.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Grabbing hold of the new future of work

The Profit Paradox

Hosts: Jan Eeckhout and Zeb Soanes

Why you should listen: The Profit Paradox talks about how thriving firms threaten the future of work. The series is organized by chapters, so it's best to start from the very first episode.

Episode to Get Hooked On: The Profit Paradox [How thriving Firms Threaten the Future of Work]

Work in Progress

Hosts: Minh Pham

Why you should listen: Have you ever wondered how the future of work affects software engineering? While you might think that tech isn’t a “people practice,” Pham is here to prove you wrong. Learn about fighting burnout, overcoming imposter syndrome, and transitioning from engineer to manager.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Fighting Burnout: Be an Agent of Change

Managing the Future of work

Hosts: Various faculty members from Harvard Business School

Why you should listen: The world is rapidly changing, and it's influencing how we interact with technology. Harvard Business School tries to find ways to “survive” and “thrive” in the future of work. Some topic highlights include hybrid workforce transformation, workforce continuity, and distributed talent.

Episode to Get Hooked On: How brain games and Al can improve HR

Futureproofing Conversations

Hosts: Hoxby, Ben Foulkes

Why you should listen: This future of work podcast chats about the “pioneers, disruptors, revolutionaries, and inspirational leaders” that make up the changes in the workplace. As a relatively new podcast, episodes are still scarce, but the ones they have don’t lack in substance.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Futureproofing Conversations with Laura Capell-Abra

Talent Culture

Hosts:  Meghan Biro and Kevin Grossman

Why you should listen: Talent Culture looks at how work is changing in HR. More than that, Biro and Grossman tackle topics from hybrid working to creating better workspaces for your team. Definitely worth a listen!

Episode to Get Hooked On: How Child’s Play Helps Us Navigate Uncertain Times at Work

Humanly Possible: Future of Work Conversations

Hosts: Angela R. Howard

Why you should listen: In this podcast, Howard addresses the potential of implementing human-centric workplaces that pave the way for the future of work. Learn about reclaiming humanness, the power of vulnerability, and effective leadership with Humanly Possible.

Episode to Get Hooked OnAllow your People To Fall Off Curbs, Not Cliffs

Future of Work Pioneers

Hosts: Dr. Harpreet Singh from Harvard Innovation Lab

Why you should listen: Harvard is showing up a few times throughout this list, and for a good reason. They are spearheading the research and conversations on New Work methods. In the Future of Work Pioneers, Dr. Singh interviews “pioneers and thought leaders” on their varying perspectives and experiences with the future of work, as well as upskilling and innovation. It’s a great resource for leaders and business fanatics alike.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Distributed Teams, Open Source, and Innovation

Work Pod Work 2.0 & Future Of Work Upgrades

Hosts: Vishal Kumar

Why you should listen: Kumar is on a mission to bring future of work topics to the forefront of leadership conversations. By chatting with leaders in various industries, Work Pod brings listeners answers on the future of work-life, productivity, upskilling, growth, and mindfulness in a constantly-changing working environment.

Episode to Get Hooked On: #FutureOfWork Leadership: Performing through Transformation

The Ins & Outs of Work

Hosts: Talentsoft

Why you should listen: The ins and outs of work is a podcast for HR professionals, managers of organizations, and anyone who works. What’s unique about this podcast is that the two hosts explore the transformation of work from an inside and outside perspective. It’s a show that captures the mixed and complicated feelings of the future of work from all angles and positions.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Millennials & The Great Resignation - How to retain your people

Work Life

Hosts: Adam Grant

Why you should listen: Grant, an organizational psychologist, investigates the world's most unusual professions in an effort to understand what can make work-life better. Work Life helps you see work in a different light by discussing breaking up with perfectionism, leadership lessons from Putin, sad days at work, and so much more.

Episode to Get Hooked On: The Office Without A**holes

Distributed with Matt Mullenweg

Host: Matt Mullenweg

Why you should listen: You might have already heard of Matt Mullenweg, he’s the co-founder of WordPress and the forerunner of future of work processes. In his podcast Distributed, Mullenweg talks about how he built his teams of over 1,300 employees in 76 different countries, as well as the pros and cons of distributed work.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Leadership Coach Leo Widrich on Emotional Wellness for Distributed Workers

Way We Work

Host: Brendon Schrader

Why you should listen: Way We Work hosts conversations on the forces that reshape careers, workplaces, and work lives. Some of our favorite episode topis are “Leading through Disruption,” “Understanding Imposter Syndrome,” and “Finding Your Work-Life Fit.

Episode to Get Hooked On: How Corporations Can Leverage an Agile Workforce

Troubleshooting Agile

Hosts: Jeffrey Fredrick and Douglas Squirrel

Why you should listen: Creating an organization with agile teams can be tricky, but that’s where Troubleshooting Agile can help. Frederick and Squirrel consider all the common problems that agile teams face in the modern workplace and offer valuable advice on how to get back on track.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Consciously Violating Norms

Women at Work

Hosts: Amy Bernstein, Amy Gallo, and Emily Caulfield

Why you should listen: There’s no denying that women have a different experience in the workplace than men do. Think about age gaps, interrupting male colleagues, and maternity leave (just to name a few). Bernstein, Gallo, and Caulfied provide advice to help women succeed at work despite the obstacles that typically hold them back.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Let’s Take Our Side Gigs Off the Back-Burner

HBR Idea Cast

Hosts: Harvard Business Review

Why you should listen: While Idea Cast isn’t necessarily tailored to the future of work specifically, the hosts cover a wide variety of topics that definitely fit the criteria. For example, “Let’s Redefine the Role of Manager,” “Lessons in Innovation and Collaboration,” and “Rethinking Our Relationship with Work.”

Episode to Get Hooked On: Find Joy in Any Job: How Do I Get My Team to Love Work?

Changing the World of Work

Hosts: Advanced Workplace Associates

Why you should listen: If you’re interested in knowing the positive changes your organization can make to deliver excellent experiences to your employees and customers, this podcast is for you. Find out if your company is wired for hybrid or if your top leaders are fit for purpose in Changing the World of Work.  

Episode to Get Hooked On: Drunk at work?

Work 3.0

Hosts: Learningbank

Why you should listen: Covering topics like sustainable workplaces, diversity and inclusion, hybrid working, and up-to-date work-related trends, Work 3.0 gives listeners the lowdown to create the best workdays for your organization.

Episode to Get Hooked On: New Gender gaps in the Hybrid Workplace?

Secrets From a Coach

Hosts:  Debbie Green and Laura Thomson

Why you should listen: In the short and sweet episodes (perfect for your morning commute or quick breaks), Green and Thomson give you all the tips and tricks to maximize your confidence and success in the ever-changing workplace. Learn about leadership mindset, success, and motivation that will help inspire your team at every level of your organization.

Episode to Get Hooked On: Confidence to Collaborate

The Deep Collaboration Podcast

Hosts: Max Andaker, Till Pieper, Jason Thomas

Why you should listen: Discover the viewpoints of thought leaders in remote work and engineering in the Deep Collaboration Podcast. The hosts address the upcoming styles to get teams to work together and about the future of work in general. An ideal podcast for business and tech lovers!

Episode to Get Hooked On: Jake Saper on the concept of Deep Collaboration and its impact on the future of work

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Your success as a leader in the future of work will depend on how prepared you are to manage more change. The first step will be to learn about the shifts in teams and workplaces, as well as the differing perspectives on the topics. That way, you can best lead a modern, highly efficient, and happy team. And future of work podcasts are a great resource to do so.

Embrace powerful leadership.

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What is the future of work?
The future of work describes the changes in the workplace over the next decade. That could include workplace structure and leadership roles, as well as different methods of how work is done. It’s influenced by technology, generational and social shifts, and current events.
What does the future of work look like?
While there are many aspects that the future of work can entail, overarching characteristics include flexibility, agile teams, and distributed management. The future of work may seem daunting, but organizations that embrace this change will profit in the long run.
What does the future of work have to do with leadership?
One thing we know for sure is that the workplace is transforming at a rapid pace. To keep up with the change, leaders will have to be open to a new work mindset that supports team freedom and flexibility. Leaders need to make the first step. And when you do, your workplace culture, employees, customers, and business will thank you.
What’s the difference between the future of work and New Work?
The future of work is how work, employees, and the workplace will evolve in upcoming years, while New Work is a potential directional change in the workplace.
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