Design Assets: Where To Find The Best Free Assets

Design assets are the building blocks of all graphics, mockups and designs. Here are the best places online to find FREE assets!

Design assets are the building blocks of any graphics, mockups and designs. They include things like logos, fonts, colors, and images that make up your brand identity. These items can be used to create a cohesive look across all your marketing materials and social media channels.

Most businesses and freelancers know that design asset management is an important part of successful online marketing. And while you can find plenty of paid design assets on the internet, there is also a lot to be said for free design resources. This blog post will show you where to find free design assets so that your website looks professional and appealing without breaking the bank!

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Best Places Online For Free Icons

Some of the best places online for free icons include:

  • Flaticon: This is one of the oldest sites for finding icons online, but it also features plenty of vector icon packs too.
  • The Noun Project: This is a great resource for finding icons that are completely free to use. The best part is that the site features lots of different categories, so you'll have no trouble at all finding what you need!
  • IconFinder: Another fantastic place to find design assets and icons online without spending any money. IconFinder offers a selection of royalty-free icons that are totally free to use in your design projects.
  • Vecteezy: This site is another great one for finding tons and tons of different types of design assets, including fonts, graphics, templates, and much more! It's a really fantastic resource for anyone who wants to find quality design resources without having to spend any money on them.

Best Places for Free Stock Photos

Some of the best places to find free stock photos include:

  • Pixabay: Pixabay is an excellent resource for finding free stock photos that can be used in your design projects without any attribution required at all! They have a really good selection of high-quality photos, which are each assigned with a CC0 license, meaning you're totally free to do whatever you want with them.
  • Pexels: Pexels is another great site for finding high-quality, free stock photos. There are thousands of photos available to use in your design projects, and each one is assigned with a CC0 license. This means you can use them in your design projects without having to worry about attribution or copyright.
  • Flickr: Flickr also has an excellent selection of high-quality free stock photos that come with the aforementioned attribution requirement, as well as a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution Non-Commercial (CC BY) license.
  • Picjumbo: PicJumbo is an excellent site for finding free, high-quality photos that come with a CC0 license as well as no attribution requirement! There are thousands of stock photos available on the site, and they're all incredibly high quality.
  • Adobe Stock: Adobe Stock has one of the largest selections of design assets, including thousands of high-quality photos, illustrations, and graphics. Stock photos are free for personal and commercial use with a free trial, but some with a Creative Commons attribution license.
  • Gratisography: Gratisography has an excellent selection of free hi-res photo options as well as different quality levels to choose from (low resolution or original size). The photos are completely free for personal and commercial use.
  • Unsplash: With over 200k+ images available to download from the Unsplash library, there will always be something perfect for your current design needs.

Best Places For Free Illustrations

Some of the best places for free illustrations are:

  • The Noun Project: This site has an extensive library of high-quality graphics that can be used for any personal or commercial purposes. The illustrations are available in vector format or as PNG files, and they're free to use without a copyright attribution requirement.
  • Placeit: Browse Placeit's selection of mockups and instantly create a design with your own text, graphics, and photos.
  • Undraw: This site offers a vast library of high-quality illustrations for commercial use in print materials as well as online media.
  • Freepik: Freepik has over 800,0000 free illustration vectors and photos in different categories that you can use for a commercial or personal project.
  • Vector4Free: Vector4Free offers high-quality vector graphics that are available free of charge to businesses
  • Dribbble: A design community that allows designers to upload and share their work with the public. A great place to find illustration and design inspiration!

Best Places For Free Fonts

Some of the best places for free fonts include:

  • Google fonts:  Google fonts offer over 400 free, open-source typefaces that you can use in your design.
  • Dafont: The Dafont website offers a wide selection of fonts for Windows and Mac users to download as well as different font styles such as vintage, comic book or calligraphy.
  • Font Squirrel: Font squirrel has thousands of high-quality, free fonts. However, some fonts have commercial licenses. To ensure users don't get into problems, this site allows them to check licenses for each font before downloading them.
  • FontSpace:  Fontspace is a website that offers 32,000 free fonts from 2,100 designers that are free to download. Some fonts have commercial licenses, but you have the option to check before downloading.
  • The League of Movable Type: The league features over 130 new typefaces that are designed by the world's top designers who offer their work (with exclusive licenses) for free.
  • Adobe Fonts: Formerly Typekit, Adobe Fonts offers a large selection of fonts from top designers, and the service is currently available in 23 languages.

Best Places for Free Video Examples

Some of the best places for free video examples include:

  • Mixkit: This is a free stock video site that features a variety of clips, in addition to over 100 soundtracks.
  • Vidsplay: Vidsplay offers a wide selection of free stock videos, and each clip is available in multiple formats.
  • Life of Vids: This is a free stock video site that offers a variety of clips, and each clip is available in high-quality HD formats.
  • Storyblocks: This site offers users access to more than 200,000 stock videos that are all supplied by the best videographers and filmmakers.
  • Coverr: Coverr offers free stock videos that are available in HD format. It provides marketers and entrepreneurs with hundreds of quality videos that are with no attributions or watermarks.

While all these fantastic, easy-to-use, free design assets are available for all to use, it is critical to ensure you comply with each website's license, terms, and conditions. This way, you will avoid falling on the wrong side of the law.

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