Top Marketing Blogs of 2022

Discover 15 of our favorite blogs that have a unique twist on relevant marketing topics.

Is blogging dead?

The short answer - heck no!

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, or maybe you already have one, you’ve probably heard someone say, “blogging isn’t relevant anymore” or “blogging is long gone.” Maybe the early forms of blogging - think personal anecdotes and journal entries - are less popular now, but blogging itself is far from dead.

People still read blogs, but the approach to reading blogs has changed. For example, when you wake up in the morning, do you log into your computer to see if your favorite blogger uploaded a new post? Probably not. But when you type a query into Google, like “how to create a content plan” or “what is a campaign plan,” what’s likely to show up in the search results are blog articles. And chances are, you’re going to click on it.

So people find blogs through search engines, and once you’ve come across a gem, you’ll be more inclined to come back to that source when searching for information.

But to save you time and energy, we’ve compiled a list of blogs that are guaranteed to give you all the relevant marketing knowledge and inspiration, from news and insights to how-to guides.

15 marketing blogs for a daily dose of inspiration

No matter where you are in your marketing journey, we have the perfect blog for you. Each blog has a short description, a list of our favorite characteristics, and a link to a great blog article.

1. Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page and conversion platform that helps marketers design, create and launch landing pages without developers. They maintain a colorful blog that gives advice to “crush your next online marketing campaign.”

Why you should read this blog: Bright and happy Unbounce creates a blog space that feels inviting. There is an occasional gif here and there to add a bit of movement to the piece. Additionally, the articles are well-researched and backed up with marketing stats for ultimate reliability.

✨Our favorite article: How to Use Negative Keywords to Positively Impact your Campaign Strategy

2. Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin is a New York Times best-selling author and a former dot com business executive. Named after himself, Seth’s Blog, riffs on marketing, respect in the workplace, and the ways ideas are created and spread. It is a great insight not only into marketing tactics but also life lessons that you can take back to work with you.

Why you should read this blog: Seth is an expert in marketing and is a reliable source of information. His blogs are informative but still feel human and relatable.

✨Our favorite article: Don’t Shave That Yak!

3. Revealbot

One of our favorite blogs is Revealbot, a platform that automates your ad management. The articles are filled with bright imagery and engaging videos to make complex marketing concepts crystal clear.

Why you should read this blog: If you’re a visual learner, many of the blogs are equipped with videos to guide you through any marketing topic.

✨Our favorite article: 14 Facebook Ad Examples for Ad Creative Inspiration

4. SEO by the Sea

Imagine yourself working on the beach in San Diego. If you can’t get there, SEO by the Sea is a good next option. It’s a blog that helps webmasters, whether in marketing, sales, or product, find and speak to their intended audience.

Why you should read this blog: SEO can be tricky to master, but this blog takes seemingly difficult concepts and makes them approachable. It’s the perfect way to get an easy overview of your chosen topic.

✨Our favorite article: How Google May Create Augmented Content

5. Detailed

If you want to keep tabs on the essential SEO news and information or just want to learn how to better optimize your own content, the Detailed blog is a perfect read for you. The blog utilizes in-text pictures to illustrate its points and take you through the SEO process in a visual way.

Why you should read this blog: Detailed’s tone of voice is very approachable like you’re talking to a knowledgeable friend. It makes each blog post very readable yet reliable.

✨Our favorite article: Content Marketing for SEO: 25 Proven Angles That Still Attract Links

6. Social Triggers

Founded by Derek Halpern, Social Triggers is a platform that aids users in blending data-driven marketing with content marketing to encourage organic traffic, attract customers, and sell products online. The social triggers blog provides some of these tips and tricks

Why you should read this blog: If you would rather watch a blog, Derek Halpern created YouTube videos to accompany some of his articles. It’s a great way to “listen” to a blog while doing something else, like cooking or cleaning. Double whammy!

✨Our favorite article: How to make boring content more engaging

7. Copyblogger

Copyblogger is a blog that teaches the most effective ways to manage online content through “smart copywriting.” The founder of the platform, Brian Clark, started off his business with a “simple one-man blog” that turned into a profitable service that helps others become masters in content marketing and SEO. The articles are valuable to newbie and seasoned marketers alike.

Why you should read this blog: Copyblogger has a clean and minimalist aesthetic that is great for those who are perusing for straightforward content. But don’t worry, the tone of voice is itself vibrant.

✨Our favorite article: The Secret to Relationship Building with Influencers (without the Awkward)

8. Martech

Less of a blog but still worthy of a shoutout, Martech publishes daily posts on marketing news and management insights. Breaking stories, industry trends, tips, and tricks to navigate through the digital marketing industry.

9. Campaign Monitor

If you think that email marketing is boring, you’ve never read Campaign Monitor’s blog. Organized by resource type, the blog covers all things digital marketing in a quirky way. They refer to pop culture and use gifs, but the content is reliable and informative.

Why you should read this blog: This blog makes reading about marketing fun with modern references and a friendly tone of voice. Their blog ideas and themes are creative and engaging, you can’t help but smile at those titles!

✨Our favorite article: 10 Features Michael Scott Would Look for in an Email Newsletter Service

10. Wistia

Wistia is all about video, which means their blog is based on video marketing. In their “Learning Center,” you can find articles on production, product updates, and Wistia culture, but our favorite is the marketing category. It’s filled with posts on analytics, content strategy, email marketing, SEO, and more.

Why you should read this blog: Talk about high-quality videos! Nearly every blog has a video (or multiple!) to give you examples on whatever topic they’re covering. Can you find the video of the dog in a pirate costume?

✨Our favorite article: 15 types of Videos That Every Business Can Use

11. Wordstream

When it comes to online marketing blogs, Wordstream should be your go-to. They’re experts in keyword research guides and strategies to get your own blog ranking in SERPs.

Why you should read this blog: If you like infographics and charts, you’re in for a treat. Who said data couldn’t be beautiful?

✨Our favorite article: 24 Unconventional (and Brilliant) Call to Action Examples You Can Copy

12. Raisin Bread

This blog is as tasty as it sounds. Raisin Bread is a bright and happy resource for all things marketing. In addition to the typical marketing topics, they have sweet subsections like “Tweet of the week” and “Data Snacks.” It’s a unique way to illustrate marketing information.

Why you should read this blog: First things first, Raisin Bread is very visually appealing. The bright colors against a white background make the text readable but still very modern. In terms of content, the blog has unique categories and posts that make them stick out from the crowd, particularly the industry interviews and trends.

✨Our favorite article: What Type of Influencer Do Adults Under 40 Trust Most?

13. Grow

Grow is a blog by Mark Schaefer, a marketing guru, and globally-recognized keynote speaker, all about the secrets of marketing to “Rise above the noise.” Some of the categories include content marketing, social media strategy, and personal branding.

Why you should read this blog: The blog content is detailed and of high quality. Each post comes with a personal experience, whether that’s a good one or not depends on the topic. The candid narratives make the content relatable.

✨Our favorite article: The essential guide to self promotion for introverts

14. Heidi Cohen

In her informative blog, Heidi Cohen creates a plethora of marketing resources that are meant to help marketers at every level. We especially love her articles on women in marketing!

Why you should read this blog: Heidi’s focus on women in marketing is a topic we haven’t seen in any blogs thus far. She provides a space to discuss not just how to market (which she also does) but who is doing the marketing as well

✨Our favorite article: Women In Marketing: How to Succeed

15. AWeber

AWeber is the online space to “grow, sell, and engage with your audience.” Their blog supports this mission, with hundreds of articles on marketing-related topics. If you ever need some insight on podcast, freelancer, or landing page marketing, this is your spot!

Why you should read this blog: This blog is incredibly easy to navigate. You can find nearly every marketing topic in the drop-down blog menu. It makes a good bookmark blog for future questions and rabbit holes.

✨Our favorite article: 9 Proven Landing Page Best Practices to Get More Conversions

And there you have it, Collato’s top 15 best marketing blogs to spark inspiration! We hope you enjoy these resources as much as we do. Let us know on Instagram if we forgot any of your go-to blogs.

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Is blogging dead?
No way! People still read blogs, but the approach to reading blogs has changed. Opposed to the old-school blogging style of author-based writing, blogging has shifted to reader-based writing. For example, rather than “My thoughts on sourdough baking” you would say “How you can make sourdough at home.”
Why are blogs relevant to marketing?
Blogs drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and give insight to a customer base.