The future of visual content collaboration

Here’s why at Collato, we are all about making collaboration as joyful as gelato.

Why we started Collato

Co-founders Ivo & Sebastian met back in 2010 at Zalando, before Sebastian left to work in real estate. Although it was quite different from fashion, the two industries still had one thing in common: they were thriving on visual content.

Nothing sold without an appealing website, marketing ad or sales brochure. Frustrated by how hard it was to get visual content from initial idea to done, Sebastian & Ivo joined forces and started Collato in 2020.

Our purpose

At Collato, we believe that in a world where people and businesses think, act and operate globally it is more important than ever, to express ideas without barriers. Be it amongst each other or to a broader audience.

No matter if you are a pro or amateur, creative or non-creative, freelancer or corporation, Chinese or English speaker - visual is the only language everyone is naturally able to speak.

And this is why...

We are driven to empower the world to communicate – visually.

Values we work and live by

Value 1


We believe in equality. We celebrate successes jointly. To create our best work, we put our egos and prejudices aside.
Value 2


We are grateful for working in an outstanding team and on an inspiring mission. We embrace a “yes, and” mentality, are intrinsically motivated and full of optimism.
Value 3


We value transparency and authenticity in everything we do. We communicate openly and honestly. Trust is the glue which holds everything together.
Value 4


We stay lean, avoid complexity, embrace modularity and apply radical focus.
Value 5


We are masters of self-improvement and constantly challenge our ways of working. We embrace the unknown, always iterate and never stop learning.
Value 6


We believe in the power of "added sprinkles" – creating little joyful moments for our users & our team.

Find out more about life at Collato

Check-out Collato's team space with plenty of (ir)relevant information on our team, joint activities, office routines, favorite tools and much more

Meet the ice cream dream team

Irina, Customer Success

From Germany. Favorite ice cream: chocolate.

Ivo, Co-Founder

From Germany. Favorite ice cream: caramel.

Sebastian, Co-Founder

From Germany. Favorite ice cream: raspberry.

Doan, Growth

From Vietnam, Favorite ice cream: coconut.

Lillie, Growth

From the USA. Favorite ice cream: rocky road.

Elena, Design

From Lithuania. Favorite ice cream: yogurt.

Robert, Design

From Croatia. Favorite ice cream: coconut.

Kartal, Engineering

From Turkey. Favorite ice cream: peach

Sara, Engineering

From Albania. Favorite ice cream: pistachio.

John, Engineering

From Ireland. Favorite ice cream: classic vanilla.

Franzi, Office & Culture

From Germany. Favorite ice cream: blueberry cheesecake.

Rafael, Engineering

From Israel. Favorite ice cream: cheesecake.

Jessica, Engineering

From Singapore. Favorite ice cream: green tea.

Maria, Growth

From Venezuela. Favorite ice cream: cookies & cream.

Jurgen, Engineering

From Albania. Favorite ice cream: Netflix & Chilll'd™.

Liam, Engineering

From Switzerland. Favorite ice cream: mango.

Lisanne, Design

From Germany. Favorite ice cream: peanut butter.

Catherine, Growth

From the USA. Favorite ice cream: moose tracks.

Grace, Product

From Canada. Favorite ice cream: honey lavender.

Jason, Growth

From the UK. Favorite ice cream: espresso.

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