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Why we started Collato

Co-founders Ivo & Sebastian met back in 2010 at Zalando, and quickly realized: organizations are only as good as their people. Sebastian and Ivo became passionate about creating working environments which would enable their teams to thrive. However, they both felt that the technology teams used to accomplish their goals was often holding them back.

Hence the idea for Collato was born. The fastest, easiest, and most effective way to share knowledge and ideas within your team. Breaking down barriers not only between different departments within organizations, but also between the tools they were using.

Our mission

Collato was founded in 2020 with a mission to make the future of work more human-centric. Our software flexibly supports individual workflows, makes needed information easily accessible to everyone, and nudges positive work habits.

We believe that collaboration is key to unlocking the potential of people and businesses, but it can be unnecessarily difficult. So, we’re on a mission to make it effortless. Collato connects daily work to your company’s purpose, saving time and allowing people to create an impact without burning out.

Values we work and live by


We believe in equality. We celebrate successes jointly. To create our best work, we put our egos and prejudices aside.


We are grateful for working in an outstanding team and on an inspiring mission. We embrace a “yes, and” mentality, are intrinsically motivated and full of optimism.


We value transparency and authenticity in everything we do. We communicate openly and honestly. Trust is the glue which holds everything together.


We stay lean, avoid complexity, embrace modularity and apply radical focus.


We are masters of self-improvement and constantly challenge our ways of working. We embrace the unknown, always iterate and never stop learning.


We believe in the power of "added sprinkles" – creating little joyful moments for our users & our team.

Find out more about life at Collato

Check-out Collato's team space with plenty of (ir)relevant information on our team, joint activities, office routines, favorite tools and much more

Meet the ice cream dream team

We’re an international team of engineers, creatives, and educators who are passionate about making work better for everyone. Meet the people that work hard to make your work easier.


From Germany, Co-Founder.


From Germany, Co-Founder.


From Vietnam, Growth.


From Germany, Customer Success.


From the USA, Growth.


From Croatia, Design.


From Turkey, Engineering.


From Switzerland, Engineering.


From Albania, Engineering.


From Ireland, Engineering.


From Germany, Culture & Sprinkles.


From Israel, Engineering.


From Venezuela, Growth.


From Albania, Engineering.


From the USA, Growth.


From the USA, Growth.


From Chile, Security & Naps.

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