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Pick a predefined template or create your own. We give you the building blocks to boost your work, at any point of the project.

Project Kick-Off

Pitch your ideas and a project framework so clients choose to work with you.
Estimate the price of your services based on specified deliverables, right from the start.
Outline project expectations with your client.

Client Onboarding

Non-Disclosure Agreement
Ensure confidentiality. Protect your work and client relationships with a NDA.
New Client Questionnaire
Ask meaningful and constructive questions to better understand your client’s needs.
Scope of Work
Lay out project specifics. Capture and define the goals and objectives of your project.

Creative Work

Concept Presentation
Share your work with clients to get comments and feedback, all in one place.
Style Guide
Create the brand. Develop project standards to pinpoint your client’s vision.
Help set the tone of your project. Upload sources of creative inspiration.

Financials & Delivery

Record transactions with your client to keep track of billable tasks.
Set the pace. Document time spent on specific projects.
Final Files Collection
Bring it all together. Place all final files in one accessible document to send to your client.

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