Define and Track Success with OKRs

Unify your company and make sure everyone knows how their work contributes to the company's most significant goals. This template will help determine initiatives and priorities, align and connect your team, as well as track goal progress. Here comes success!
What's in it for you?

Get feedback and stay in sync

Invite others with just a link to add more information and give on-point feedback. Centralize all feedback so you never search Slack or emails for a comment again.

Collect any content in one place

Bundle all information by adding any asset, writing text, or giving context with a screen recording. Stop information from getting lost across people, attachments or tools.

Involve stakeholders the easy way

Show only relevant information to decision-makers by sharing a simple "review link". Enable them to collaborate without forcing them into yet another tool.

What's Collato?

Collato takes the labor out of collaboration for modern teams. This software solution puts an end to email ping-pong, feedback on outdated versions, and file names that end with "final final." Try it for free now!

Collato makes collaboration as joyful as gelato

What this OKR alignment template will give you and your team:


Instead of searching your drives, inboxes, or tools, find all information in one place.


Streamline your workflow to align responsibilities across teams and ensure deadlines are met.


Have fun collaborating as a team instead of sitting in endless alignment meetings.
What are OKRs?
OKR stands for "object key results," and serves as a goal-settling strategy for businesses. Ensuring that all the departments, teams, and individuals are working together on set goals is central to a successful OKR strategy. Being aligned with OKRs means infinitive opportunities for collaboration.
What are the benefits of using an OKR template?
Using an OKR template advances the overall strategic communication across all the levels in your company, giving the correct information to all teammembers. An OKR template will set the structure for regular alignment sessions and help define clear responsibilities, track progress, and keep the information flow ongoing between different departments or teams.
Why use Collato's OKR template?
The answer is easy: Collato's OKR template makes OKR alignment enjoyable for everyone. You'll be able to establish responsibilities for different strategies, particularly cross-functional goals and initiatives. Using this OKR template can also help strengthen communication and collaboration between teams, and align departmental goals with company goals. Set customizable goals for every level, track progress on objectives, and make corrections as needed.
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