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Thanks for the interest in our OKR planning features!

We are still in beta. We'd love to get your input to give it the final paint and build Collato exactly how you need it to be.

How? By giving us 50 min of your time for a Zoom call in exchange for early product access, €50 and huge kudos from the entire Collato team. And a free ice cream once you come visit us in Berlin! 🍦

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Earn €50 for a 50 min Zoom talk with us
Insights Interview FAQ's
What is the duration of the user interview?
The interview will last between 45 to 60 minutes. There is plenty of slots available between 3rd and 24th of March.
How is the interview structured?
We will ask you a series of questions designed to help us understand the challenges and pain points you encounter when completing your current process. We'd appreciate honest answers that'll help us build the product in the way it would best work for you. The interview will be conducted by either Ivo, CEO and Co-founder or Jason, Growth Lead of Collato.
Do I need to prepare?
No! We will ask you questions about how you work today and what your challenges are. Please don't further research on Collato, so you will stay unbiased. There actually is no right or wrong answer. It will be as easy as a coffee chat!
Is the interview conducted online?
Yes, we will conduct the interview via Zoom. You can find the link in the invite. If Zoom isn't possible, we can use Google Meets instead.
If I need to cancel or reschedule my agreed slot?
If you cannot make your slot, you can let us know via email, and we'll happily reschedule. Just write to Thanks for letting us know upfront if your plans change.
What if I cannot find a slot that suits me?
Feel free to reach out directly to or, and I'm sure we can find a good solution.
How do I receive my 50€?
You can send an invoice directly to or ask us for help, and we will share an invoice template with you. Deposit via Paypal also works if you provide us with the details. We will transfer the money within 5 working days.