The new way to search anything

More than just a search tool, Collato takes knowledge management to the next level. Eliminate information silos to revolutionize the way your team thinks, collaborates, and innovates.

Integrate your tools without effort

Try it out in minutes by dropping one Jira, Confluence or Google doc first. Collato works on top of your favorite tools and syncs information without double work. Make information findable without migrating to yet another tool.

Know more through connections

Connections make unfindable things findable by creating the missing link. Collato scans reference links to automatically build your knowledge map. That nameless Figma design? Can now be found next to the PRD.

Simply get the best answer

Did you ever wonder how AI can make your life easier? Collato leverages connections and GPT-3 for its semantic search engine, which provides instant, bite-sized, and relevant answers to all your team's questions.

Overcome information silos with cards

Access designs, tickets, or documents from your tools in one click by opening cards right from the knowledge map. Find the artifact directly embedded without the hassle of requesting access first or getting lost in an unfamiliar tool.

Remain in full control of your data

Choose what information is added to the knowledge map to feed your search engine. All your data is fully encrypted, and Collato’s sharing permissions allow you to decide exactly who in your team sees what. Don’t worry about confidentiality anymore.

Coming soon: Get answers in Slack

Integrate Collato’s search engine into Slack, so nobody needs to leave the tool. Team members can ask any question and get instant, bite-sized answers right in Slack. Let the AI save you the time you currently waste with manual answers.

Coming soon: Connect from your browser

Use Collato’s browser extension to build your knowledge map without ever switching windows. Turn any information from the web into accessible knowledge within seconds. Building a wiki has never been easier.

Coming soon: Aggregate your progress

Know the completion level of any project, initiative, or goal. Collato supports progress updates on all cards and aggregates achievements to one single number. Deliver your complex projects on time.

We work where you work.

Connect your team’s favorite tools so you can stop searching and start finding. Our ever-growing list of integrations ensures that no piece of information gets left behind.
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Stop searching, start finding.

Ask a question and let AI find you the answer – in one tab. Save time searching, spend more time shipping.