Strategy made collaborative.

Collato takes the labor out of collaboration. Eliminate the complexity of goal management and increase cohesion between teams.

Understand the driver tree

With unlimited hierarchy levels, Collato allows you to visualize the connection between team initiatives and company goals. See which projects are driving success to focus on actions that move the needle.

Track progress precisely

Watch in real-time to see which initiatives are advancing goals to 100%. Make progress explicit and understand which individual levers are making an impact.

Create workflows with properties

Choose your preferred granularity by selecting relevant properties, such as date, person, or status. Create workflows down to the smallest task level without the need for yet another project management tool.

Use cards to collect context

Get the full picture without searching different tools or sifting through files. Add or request images, videos, or text to get all the relevant information you need in one place.

Tell your story through video

Inspire employees to give updates that are enjoyable for everyone. Record your screen and talk your team through any project or content asynchronously. No need to attend yet another update meeting.

Give feedback with comments

Engage employees in strategic discussions by giving them a say. With Collato, you can comment directly on any file with precise annotations, leaving no room for confusion.

Support different points of view

Give your team their own space where they can quickly access the information they need. Show only relevant information by filtering and saving dedicated views for teams or individuals.

Choose your preferred layout

Collato’s flexible displays allow you to visualize team initiatives in a way that makes sense. Have a board, table, timeline, or calendar layout at your fingertips, all within a single space to optimize team alignment.

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