Brief, approve and store your creative content in one place.

Organize your creative assets and simplify your workflow on a single collaborative platform.

Use cards to display your content visually.

Forget heavy attachments, slow downloads and firewalls. Keep a visual overview by adding any type of asset directly on a card.

Image Galleries

Create mood boards and drag-and-drop photos or graphics to bring your vision to life.

Video Collaboration

Upload videos and share them to iterate. Annotate feedback directly on each screen, scene by scene.

Embed documents

For complete context, make sure to attach all documents such as presentations, PDFs, and more.

Place precise comments for efficient collaboration.

Enough of the endless email threads: Work directly on any file and leave no room for misunderstandings.

Precise feedback

Choose the pixel-perfect place for your comment and annotate changes directly on each file for maximum visibility.

Rich options

Respond to comments in an engaging way – with emojis, mentions, attachments, or video replies.

Revision history

Keep a record of all changes in the same file, giving collaborators the complete picture of how this version came to be.

Create filtered views for any collaborator.

Get straight to the point – show only relevant information to decision-makers by sharing dedicated views.

Custom Tags

Give your creative assets customizable properties with tags. Use them as a filter to build a view that works for you.

Share views

Curate the most important information for collaborators and share it with a simple link. Easy to understand, easy to access.

Assign roles

Decide which role and responsibility every stakeholder has, then give each person precisely those collaboration permissions.

Switch to boards for smooth workflows.

Stop chasing down stakeholders. Make next steps so visible and actionable, they’ll complete themselves.

Kanban board

Enable anyone involved to track the project’s progress with this high-level overview.


Create new to-do’s for collaborators straight from a comment and move towards “done” together.

Status labels

Visually mark each card with a status and see your project flow from draft to done, in real-time.
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