The new way to search anything

More than just a search tool, Collato takes knowledge management to the next level. Eliminate information barriers across tools or silos to revolutionize the way your team thinks, collaborates, and innovates.

Know more through connections.

Turn scattered information into accessible knowledge by inviting your team to connect essential docs, tools, files, and more. Use the knowledge graph to get a complete overview of dependencies, blockers, and more so you and your team can make the best decisions possible.

Your project wiki across tools

Search across your connected tools and docs to find any file or missing piece of information. No need to remember where things are or what they’re called–Collato’s smart search uses context from within the files to pull up the most relevant results.

Supercharge your docs

Capture your project’s essential information on Collato’s powerful card documents. Embed your favorite tools to see live previews of important information, add tags to categorize your content, and generate summaries using AI to get context at a glance.

Quick and painless setup

No more drawn-out onboardings: Start using your project wiki immediately by dropping in a single product document. Collato automatically organizes your information by connecting already linked documents.

Enhance your toolstack

Collato effortlessly builds on top of your existing toolstack. Sync with your team’s existing software to have instant access to distributed information.

Know your information is safe

From the beginning, Collato was built with security, privacy, and compliance as a top priority.

It's time to connect with what matters.

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