Combine content, workflows and feedback in one place.

Put an end to endless message threads, chaotic update meetings and "final_final" versions that are getting lost in some folder. Collato takes the labor out of collaboration.

Use cards to collect context

Add or request images, videos, or copies to give the full picture in one place. Stop waiting for file downloads or clicking a link to a tool you can't access.

Tell your story with video

Record your screen and talk to others through any content precisely and asynchronously. No need to attend yet another update meeting.

Get feedback with comments

Comment directly on any file with precise annotations, which leaves no room for misunderstandings. Enough of endless email threads or working on outdated versions.

Add workflows with properties

Make your content smart by adding a date, person, or status so you can build your own workflow. Never search for that "final_final" version again.

Make progress with boards

Group your content on a Kanban board to know exactly where things stand. Stop updating your Excel sheet or chasing down stakeholders

Plan ahead with a calendar

Display all content on the day it's supposed to be updated, commented on, or finished. So no one misses a deadline, and things get done in time.

Support different views with filters

Show only relevant information to team members or decision-makers by filtering and saving dedicated views. So no one gets lost in too much information

Invite externals with just a link

Empower everyone to contribute by sharing a guest access link. Make content so easily accessible that it doesn't feel like another collaboration tool.

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Templates to supercharge productivity

Pick a predefined template or create your own. We give you the building blocks to boost progress, at any point of the project.

OKR Template
Mood Board
Creative Project Management
Product Roadmap
Marketing Strategy
Editorial Calendar