Deliver better visual work, together.

Collato is your single place for collaborating on visual content, from designs, videos, and pdfs – involve stakeholders, stay aligned, receive feedback, and deliver inspired work.

Visual Blocks

Make it easy for others to grasp all the info – with images, questions, embedded documents, videos or tables in drag & drop blocks.

Image Gallery

Build magical moodboards or upload your own design to set the tone.

Share files

Add documents, pdfs and more for full context.

Video Collaboration

Upload a video or link a clip to paint the picture.

Question formats

Get the answers you need with multiple choice, preference sliders, ratings or polls.

Commenting & Feedback

Collaborate and communicate in one place. Use the powerful commenting feature to give feedback or iterate together.

Precise feedback

Leave no room for misunderstandings: Choose the pixel-perfect place for your comment.

Rich options

Respond to comments in an engaging way – with emojis, mentions, attachments and video replies.

Revision history

View resolved comments to keep track of progress and changes.


Make visible progress with our visual workflow. Use color-coded status, simplified board views and graphic cards for all your tasks.

Board view

Collapse tasks into a single card for a high level overview of all your projects.


Update the status on each card, so everyone knows what’s next.


Set target date on sub-tasks to finish on time.


Create action items for your collaborators – straight from a comment.

Video Stories

Work together across time zones, offices and teams without meetings. Tell your story in a video recording and leave it for others to watch whenever possible.

Guided tours

Walk through your page block by block and record it for others to watch, clip by clip.

Draw to highlight

Underline what you are saying in your video by drawing on a specific area.

Watch asynchronously

Allow collaborators to watch and interact with your video at a time convenient for them.

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