Views & Properties

Build workflows with laser focus and full control, to limit collaborative headaches

Views & Properties, for full control


Build workflows with laser focus and full control that limit collaborative headaches. Views & Properties give you the power to control what collaborators see and action, to stop mistakes and rework.

Views & Properties is a way to create views of your project that are shareable with anyone, with just a link. Views can be shared with one person to make final approval on a design or video, shared with your team to assign tasks and to-do or shared with agencies or clients to control what external collaborators have access to.

Views are built with properties that are flexible tags you on set to your work. Properties can be anything, made to fit your workflow or made to suit your collaborative audience, so everything is easily understandable.

Automatically keeps up-to-date, so whenever you add more cards to a view, those cards are automatically tagged the properties associated with that view. So there is no need to update a view or re-send to your collaborators manually.

Cut the noise, limit unnecessary confusion and bring a laser focus to your projects.

New look Collato

With the public launch of Collato comes a new look and feel. And we love it!

Collato as a company is big on design, and personality, yet we realised we were not bringing enough of the brand you see across our website and social channels in-product, so we decided it was time for change.

You'll now notice all text elements in Collato use GT Walsheim Pro, the same font we love so much on our website. We have also reduced the size of the text elements across the product, even though we believe in 'go big or go home', we felt reducing heading sizes makes Collato even easier to use.

The sharing window has been updated to make it easier to to share work, literally in seconds, with anyone, anywhere.

And there has been a ton of bugs fixed and speed improvements made.

Other product news and bug fixes include:

  • date property is now available to use
  • new templates, ready to kickstart your project
  • new onboarding to include views & properties
  • general bug fixes to make collaboration even smoother

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