Hello Video Storytelling

Say hello to Video Storytelling - the visual way to share work, add depth to ideas and present concepts to anyone, anywhere.

Video Storytelling has arrived.

As video communication becomes more and more vital to our daily workflows, we’ve introduced a powerful new concept that leverages video to help:

  • tell the story behind your work, from the same platform you share your work
  • share details and add depth around ideas, so collaborators get the complete picture
  • present concepts in a persuasive way that is not possible via text or emails

Video Storytelling enables collaborators to fully understand your thinking and access the story at any time, and from any location, for flexible collaboration.

As the workplace evolves and teams become more distributed, the need for simple communication methods that support asynchronous workflows will grow, and video communication is at the centre of this evolution. When sharing work and the story from one platform via Video Storytelling, it means nothing will get lost in email threads and removes the need for unnecessary meetings, plus empowers creators to be persuasive when sharing ideas vs traditional work sharing methods.

How Does It Work?

Once you are finished uploading or creating your work and ready to share with a collaborator, just hit the Video Storytelling icon on the top right.


Select the card you intend the recorded story to link to and hit record. You can redo your video if you make a mistake, and you have the power to add multiple video clips for all cards in your space. You are then ready to share.


Once a collaborator accesses the shared work, the video storytelling button is easily visible, so it is clear you have created a story for them to view. They can access the video from any location and watch it as many times as needed.

Save time, be more persuasive and supercharge collaboration with video.

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