Video Content Collaboration Is Here!

Are you working on video content? Then these product news will be music to your ears! We have built a streaming solution that allows you to get precise feedback on videos, all within Collato.

🎉 New: Video Content Collaboration

With Collato we want to give a space where you can present all your creative work and get feedback on it. This of course also includes video, and we are now happy to present the addition of video content blocks: Easily select a video file to upload (we support many formats) and we will process this to a streamable video. When you share your page, other collaborators can watch the video and set markers on specific scenes to comment on your content. You will see these comments indicated in the play bar below the video — you can use them to jump to each annotated scene and read the comment.


🎈 Content block deep links, faster file uploads & better notifications

Ever wanted to point to a specific content block of your page? You can now find an option to copy the link of a content block in the options menu. This link can be shared and others will scroll directly to the content block you referenced.

We now implemented a new upload mechanism that leverages edge server locations which will improve your upload speeds significantly.

When you ask others to contribute on your page, you will now get a notification once they have completed their work. You will now also get notified if you are mentioned in a comment.

🧘 Improvements & Bug Fixes

In the activity timeline we now show who has originally created the page to create better context. A small bug for showing the correct name on the timeline if a page was forwarded by a collaborator is now fixed.

We also added a favicon to the application so you can find the Collato tab if you are like us and have 100 tabs open at any given time. We also detected a small issue that when downloading PDFs the original file name and extension were not added, which is now fixed as well.