Video Commenting & Page History Snapshots

We have a couple of features underneath the Collato Christmas tree just in time for the holidays! Video commenting and page history snapshots are here.

🎥 New: Video Commenting

Bring comments to life and supercharge your feedback loop with video commenting.

Still trying to figure out how to spell that annoying word? Proof-reading your comment one last time? Video commenting gives you the ability to say exactly what you mean and provide full context to your work, for a streamlined feedback process.


As a creator, you can add a video comment as a message to your client to provide a clearer picture and meaning to your work. And for collaborators or client, adding video comments speeds up the feedback process which means you can give necessary feedback on the fly.

You will now see the video icon in the comment box, and when clicked, you can choose the right camera and microphone. Then when you're ready, hit record.


📜 New: Page History Snapshots

Ever worked on a project and realized your very first idea was the best? Don't worry, we've all been there. We have found a solution which enables you to access the original content that you shared with your client in the very beginning.

In the timeline on the left, you now have the option to view existing versions of a page. By that, we make sure that content is always accessible. Even if the page has progressed, content has been changed, or other collaborators were invited, you still have acess to it all.


The version you are looking for is just a click away and can be accessed any time.


😍 Improvements

  • Inline text toolbar is finished. From now on, just mark any word or sentence inside of a text to change the format, create bullet-points, or make a list. You can also add a content-comment to highlight specific information.
  • PDF presentations are live with full commenting functionality.
  • Hyperlinks are possible in all formatted text content blocks.

🐞 Bug Fixes

Join organization email URL, Firefox side panel links, and page deletion are fixed.

We hope you like it and we're happy to hear your feedback! (Also, feel free to join our Slack community in case you haven't yet.)