Customizable Template Area

We have just released our new template area to make your work more effective. Get started with our selection of industry best-practice examples or customize it to your needs.

🎉 New: Template Area

You can now find a separate area at the bottom of your side panel to access templates. When you select a template, you can simply click "Use This Template" at the top right corner to create a new page based on this template in your workspace.

The entire template area is customizable within your organisation. We pre-filled it with 20 best-practice templates around creative work, project management and financials, in multiple languages. You can easily add new templates, edit existing ones, or organise them in different folders in your navigation.

If you have an existing page that you want to re-use as a template, you can click on the three dots next to the title in the side panel, to simply save it as a template. In the template area, you will now find this page and can edit is as a template, or move it into one your folders there.

💅 Improvements

If you are using an image gallery to visually layout your ideas, you can now more easily rearrange the images, simply drag & drop them into a new position.

Users who are invited to collaborate on one of your pages can now focus better, with our new Zen Mode that removes all distractions from their view.

If you need to create additional organisations, you can now open the organisation dropdown in the top left corner and click "Create Organisation" to add a new one.

🐞 Bug Fixes

We discovered a small bug that organisation admin invites were not immediately sent out for users that were previously invited as collaborators — this is now fixed.

We also heard from some of you that hitting the Enter key while editing a single or multi select block would cause the page to refresh which is also fixed with this release.

Please let us know whenever you have feedback on Collato, we are always curious to hear your thoughts and eager to make the experience better, day by day!