It’s here: Progress chart

Visualizing goal progress makes your team more motivated and committed to their work. Hint: That's the new feature we have for you today.

A chart for your goals


You asked for it, and we delivered. Now, progress updates are even more precise thanks to the progress chart that allows you to visually plot your progress towards your goal.

You also have a trend line as a visual suggestion of how you should be progressing toward your goal over time.

Track and understand a goal's progress with respect to updates and time.

To activate the progress chart, you must set a cycle value to your card. No cycle, no chart.

Align your cards


Wondered where your cards would go if you create them outside of the hierarchy layout? Instead of cluttering your hierarchy relationships with new rows of cards, we now place these cards in "unaligned".

What’s that? The “unaligned” button is the new feature that shows a panel with all the cards with the “unaligned” condition. You just have to click it and drag and drop cards to assign a hierarchy (or, in other words, alignment) relationship to it.

Hierarchy relationships highlight how one or many cards contribute to the bigger picture. And dependency relationships highlight a sequence of events that must occur in order for you to complete the overarching goal or task.

More improvements:

  • Add property values faster. Need to set up properties fast for your teams to start working? After creating your property, you can add all of the options by simply typing and separating the values with a comma and space. Add your values in one go (For now, only available for multi-select)
  • General code clean-up and improvements for a smoother experience and faster processing time
  • Sticky columns on the board layout. Now you can always see the column names that the cards are grouped by, even if the columns are very long. Better for dragging and dropping cards in the right places.

We hope you enjoy the new features and find them useful. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to contact us!

Your Collato Team 🍦