Take a tour around our new navigation bar

We work hard to make Collato simple and very easy to use. Part of that is making sure the navigation bar is clear and user-friendly. Check out what our incredible team has done!

The navigation in Collato is a vital space, it helps ensure that you can easily find the workspaces you need and move around Collato with ease.

What’s new? 🗂

Say hello to sections! From now on, instead of seeing views as default when you open a workspace, you'll see sections. Think of sections as folders - these bundle your views together. You’ll always have one default section called Views.

Unless specified, assume that all newly created views still be nested here. Say goodbye to nested views! All views are on the same level.


What changes can you expect on Collato with your existing views? 👀

  • Don’t worry! All of your views will be preserved.
  • After this change, you can easily drag and drop your views and sections into the order you work best with.
  • When you open up the workspace, you'll open up the topmost view by default. For now, we added a view for you called "All cards."
  • If you have any nested views from before, these will be organized into a section. This section will be named after the parent view.
  • For any views that aren’t nested, they will show up in the default section called “Views.”
  • The section will include the parent view and children views (and grandchildren views) all on the same level.

We're constantly trying to give you the best experience possible by listening to your feedback and incorporating it into our process. We’re so excited about our new navigation bar–let us know what you think!

Your Collato Team 🍦