Productivity Upgrades to Start 2021 Right

Happy new year! To make this year your most productive one, we prepared a few smaller improvements that will make it easier to use Collato in your daily work life.

💡 New: Section Duplication

With the new option to duplicate sections you can easily scale your content for larger projects. With one click the content of the entire section is duplicated. This can be highly useful when you are dealing with repetitive content structures, like visualisations of a product catalog or briefing of multiple deliverables.


💅 Improvements

We also improved the loading times for collaboration timelines by adding pagination for the activities, so they don't have to get loaded at at once.

Our side panel navigation is now enhanced as well, showing you more clearly your current location, also if you are on a folder or project level. We had a small issue that opening nested pages would cause a page refresh, collapsing the navigation again - this is now also fixed. All pages can be opened without full refresh, leaving the navigation as it is. Opening a nested page in a new tab now updates your side panel with the current folder automatically to make it easier to understand where you are.

🕵️‍♀️ Bug Fixes

We improved our formatted text content block fixing smaller issues when using overlapping formatting and working in real-time with other collaborators, which now works more smoothly and without errors.

We hope you like it and wish you a very successful start into the new year! Stay tuned for a few larger updates in the next weeks!