Highlights: A new feed for progress updates!

At Collato, we’re all about helping organizations to align their strategy and get the best out of each team member. These new features will supercharge your team engagement and help them become more efficient.

📰Never miss another update


With your feedback, we are building a tool so you can have less ambiguity and more alignment within your team. That’s why we’re releasing the highlights feed that will chronologically show your organization's progress updates in one place. Soon, you’ll also be able to filter through these to see what’s most important to you in one glance.

Keep tabs on relevant updates - these will encourage you to engage with your team, celebrate success together, and be informed of what’s happening with your goals.

💪🏼Simplified header

The workspace header now has a more user-friendly, slim, and minimalistic design which gives you more space to see your view, not the header. We didn't remove anything, but it just works better. Now you and your team can focus on the most important things.

🃏Link your card to its parent


Now you can stay in your card and create a link to its parent from there. Simply search and select an existing card in your workspace. For now, one card can only have one parent. Parent-child hierarchies in Collato are constructed from a single parent card having multiple child cards. And now, it’s easier to establish hierarchical relationships between existing cards.

🔗 Invite your team with just a link

Collato’s invite link makes it easy to get your whole team on board by skipping sending invites via email one by one. You can share invite links through email, Slack, and other messaging apps.


Important to know:

  • Multiple links can be created in the settings & teams area
  • You will still have control over the role. Each link has to select one: Contributor, Admin
  • Users can restrict this to allow only others with the same domain
  • Expires in 30 days

🔧 More improvements:

  • Aggregation goal: Confidence level will automatically update, so it doesn’t require manual efforts.
  • Workspace navigation: Have you seen something different? Now, if you click on one workspace, you will only see that workspace. To find other workspaces you just have to click on “Home.” More news to follow.

We can't wait to show you what's next. If you have more ideas, comments, or feedback, feel free to contact us!

Your Collato Team 🍦