Your Collato toolkit is here!

We’ve added an in-product onboarding workspace to give you the tools you need to explore, learn, and create your own workspaces.

Harness the power of Collato 💪


When we first started building Collato over two years ago, we envisioned a platform that truly offers full flexibility and customization. The downside to that is there can be a lot to learn and it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.

That’s why we created a special workspace in Collato where you can easily learn how to use the product. The toolkit is titled “How to Use Collato.” You can find this easily on your home page.

Not only is the toolkit an educational guide, but you can treat it like a sandbox–play and experiment with all of Collato’s functionalities without worrying about messing up your own workspaces. Moreover, if you want to curate your own organization-specific content here to onboard future team members, you can.


How to find the Collato toolkit 🧰

Every organization who joins Collato from today will have access to the Collato toolkit. To find the workspace in your organization, go to your home page. You’ll find “How to Use Collato” right there.

Now, when you log into your organization, you will see the “How to Use Collato” workspace embedded directly into your home page. This workspace includes all the guiding content you and your team need in order to learn how to get started on Collato. This workspace will always be accessible and free to all users.

Already existing organizations can access the Collato toolkit by clicking here. The Collato toolkit will be copied as a workspace onto your organization.


Why you’ll love it 💙

Besides being a helpful reference point for using Collato, you can use the Collato toolkit to explore all of Collato’s functionalities, and even use it as a template to create your own onboarding content. Here are some more benefits:

  • All users of the organization will see the same content–meaning any new team member can pick up and go.
  • Learn how to navigate Collato step by step.
  • Easily access educational content in Collato, in the form of text, graphics, and videos.
  • Use it as your personal sandbox. Play with the different functions without worrying about disrupting your work-specific workspaces.
  • Add your own content to further educate team members on how to use Collato your way.

Access your workspace here!

We can't wait to show you what's next. If you have more ideas, comments, or feedback, feel free to contact us!

Your Collato Team 🍦