Make your visual work flow.

Collaborate across content formats, project phases and people, all in one place.

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Be aligned, all along

Manage expectations from start to finish. Start with a crystal clear brief, plan all milestones and feedback loops in Collato. Simple steps for superior results.

Everyone on board

Make it easy for everyone to provide the input you need. Simply share a secure link with instant access – no log-ins needed. Engaged collaborators, by design.

Stay on Track

Make bottlenecks a thing of the past. Keep an overview of all assigned actions on a tidy timeline. Drive progress to be ready on time.

Put your mind at ease

Stop jumping between channels and scrolling email threads to find that version you need. All information where it belongs.

Take the labor out of collaboration

Tired of bumping heads? Drowning in email threads? Still waiting on that feedback? Struggle to share your designs? Experience the productive & joyful way of working collaboratively.

Collato in a nutshell cone

Step 1

Build your work base

Collect all your work worth sharing in one place. Create it, upload it or integrate it from your favorite tools. Have both, a cup and a cone.
Step 2

Add a taste of productivity

Get fast feedback. Request a comment, edit or review – one action at a time. Scoop out tasks in any way you f(l)avor.
Step 3

Instant access on top

Surprise collaborators with easy access to your work. Share a simple, secure URL-link, no account needed. Feels like sprinkles on top.

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