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Sharing made magical

Start gathering feedback in 3 clicks. Create a space, add your assets and record a video walk-through for context. Allow collaborators to access it, no registration required.

The future of feedback

Provide rich feedback with voting, video comments or voice memos. Leave remarks in the right place to eliminate the guesswork. Keep all input in one place, see all decisions at one glance.

Flow from draft to done

Use customizable workflows to go from ‘needs review’ to ‘approved’. Organize all iterations in one place. So your “final final” version is easy to find for everyone.

Take the labor out of collaboration

Tired of bumping heads? Drowning in email threads? Still waiting on that feedback? Struggle to share your designs? Experience the productive & joyful way of working collaboratively.

Collato in a nutshell cone

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Centralize and streamline all communication in Collato.

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Give approvers & reviewers the context they need.

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Invite others in without registration and no barriers.

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