Product Coordinator

We're looking for our first Product Coordinator to join our team and help us build delightful products. You will play a vital part in ensuring that our platform is at its top-peak performance.

Product Coordinator (Working Student Position)

Wel'cone' to Collato 🍦

We're an ambitious team building the future of strategic alignment and collaboration 🍨

So here's the scoop: Collato is a collaboration platform where teams can connect their work to the bigger picture. Whether it's for OKR alignment, visual content collaboration, or simply connecting the docs in the multi-tool landscape, Collato highlights what matters and your team's progression towards the common goal.

🧠 The position

We're looking for our first Product Coordinator to join our team and help us build delightful products. You will play a vital part in ensuring that our platform is at its top-peak performance.

In this role, you will:

  • Spearhead quality assurance (QA) testing for the product and its soon-to-be features.
  • Collaborate with the product manager to sort weekly sprints for designers and engineers.
  • Research and analyze the latest no-code tool "breakthroughs."
  • Optimize user activation by drafting impactful workspace and card templates.

Please note that this is a working student position based in Berlin, Germany.

Ideally, the successful candidate for this role will commit 20 hours per week. Compensation will be €16.50 hourly.

No previous work experience is required to be considered for this role. We’re looking for a team member whose career goals are compatible with what we can feasibly offer in this capacity.

👩‍💻💁🏻‍♂️👩🏽‍💼 About you (m/f/x)

We believe in people first, not roles first. If we are convinced of you, we will make the job fit you. Not the other way around. It would be great if you could demonstrate the following abilities:

  • You breathe product. You're passionate about building things, learning, and iterating towards the user's needs.
  • Documentation is your jam. You have excellent organizational skills, paired with an analytical mind and a keen eye for details. You know how to adjust your content according to your audience.
  • You ask the five why's. You aren't afraid to dive deep to the root of the issue, even if it's messy and complex.
  • Show up with integrity. It's not about getting things done perfectly all the time - it's about showing up your best (whatever your best is for that day) & trusting your team.

🌟🔥 It would be super cool, but not required if you:

  • Have practical project management experience from an extra-curricular activity or previous internship.
  • Have worked in a multi-stakeholder-facing role.
  • Love all things related to entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Stay up to date with the latest product trends, particularly in the productivity and no-code space.

🤩 Why join us?

  • Shape the future of human-centric work. Yes, you! Help us develop, build & test features that enable the future of alignment, collaboration, and work-life health.
  • Join a diverse and inquisitive team. 18 people from 13 nationalities. The half-half ratio of male and female collaborators. Alpaca-lovers to fitness-freaks. We celebrate our differences and learn a ton from each other.
  • Work your preferred way. We don't track hours, office time or days off. Balance is the key. That's our secret sauce for great work.
  • Benefit from real user feedback. At Collato, we are running user tests every two weeks – because learning from people interacting with a feature you've built is better than a soft serve on a hot day.
  • Team activities. Ever heard of a "workation"? No? Imagine a week in a sunny place, where we rent a house, work, eat and celebrate together. Like Croatia this July – anything is popsicle.
  • Team culture: Read more about our story, our values & the team here:
  • Ownership & impact: Drive your own projects forward, make a difference to countless teams working together. The reward will be so sweet, we promise.

📬 How to apply

Please send your application to Grace Hur at, with the subject line Re: Product Coordinator Role. You only need to include the following:

  • Your Resume. Please format your document with the following naming convention: (Your favorite ice cream flavor) - Product Coodinator.pdf
    Why your favorite ice cream flavor? This is because we want to learn about you fairly without any unconscious bias. 
  • Cover Letter (optional). This is optional, but it would be super awesome to know why you’d like to work at Collato.

Applications will be evaluated on a rolling basis. We are welcoming applications and will start interviewing candidates as early as October 26, 2022. We will close the job posting when the role is no longer vacant. We highly recommend submitting your application sooner rather than later.

The target start date for this position is January 6, 2023.

📅 What to expect for next steps

We aim to make the interview experience as predictable and painless as possible. To lower the barriers for individuals who may equitably benefit from advanced preparation, we outlined what we’re looking for from each round below.

First round (30 - 45 minutes): Meet Grace, our Product Manager.Here, we will gauge your motivation for the position, learn about your professional goals, and check for working student eligibility.

Second round (60 minutes): Brainstorming exercise with Grace.Let’s build a fictitious company! This will be an ideation session with Grace to see how you think and communicate your thoughts. This is also a great way to observe your working chemistry with Grace. No preparation is necessary before this step. 

Final round (45 - 60 minutes): Meet Sebastian, our CTO.In this final round, Sebastian will also get to know you, your motivations, and how you align with Collato’s core values. This is a great opportunity for you to ask the hard hitting questions about Collato’s strategic vision and anything else that is weighing on your mind.